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Stefano Malacarne

Stefano Malacarne was born in Porto Santo Stefano (Grosseto), on April 21, 1925.

Stefano Malacarne is second from right standing. Source Wikipedia

He played his early football with local teams San Donato and Orbetello before joining Salernitana in 1948.

The "Ippocampi" from Campania were in Serie B and coached by former Roma and Lazio, Pietro Piselli. Malacarne stayed two seasons and the Granata finished 4th and 13th. In the second season Piselli was replaced by Arnaldo Sentimenti (brother of all Lazio connections) in March. Malacarne played 60 league games in Salerno. He played alongside past and future Lazio keeper Aldo De Fazio.

In 1950 Malacarne joined Lazio. The Biancocelesti came from a good 4th place but had sold defender Leandro Remondini to Napoli. The manager was Mario Sperone and Lazio repeated themselves with another 4th place, winning both derbies. Malacarne played 30 league games and 2 in Coppa Italia.

In 1951-52 Lazio had a new manager, Giuseppe Bigogno, but again finished 4th. There were no derbies as Roma were in Serie B but Lazio beat eventual champions Juventus 2-0 at home. Malacarne played 28 league games.

In 1952-53 Bigogno was replaced by Alfredo Notti after 25 matches and Lazio finished 10th. They again won both derbies (Roma were back up) and Malacarne played 21 league games.

In 1953-54 Mario Sperone returned but was replaced by Federico Allasio for the last ten matches. Lazio finished 11th and Malacarne played less, only 11 league games due to the emergence of a young defender called Giovanni Di Veroli and the signing of Vittorio Bergamo. The Biancocelesti lost one derby and drew the other.

The 1954-55 season would be Malacarne's last in Rome. Allasio started off but was then replaced after eight games by Englishman George Raynor (with Roberto Copernico as TD). Malacarne only played 2 league games and was considered old at 30. Lazio finished 12th, drew one derby and triumphed 3-1 in the other.

After five seasons in the capital in 1955 he joined Foligno in Serie D. The "Falchetti" (The Hawks) narrowly missed out on promotion, finishing 2nd behind Romans Chinotto Neri.

Malacarne retired at 31 and did not remain in the football world.

He was a solid and versatile defender. He was 1.76 and 76 kilos. He was a quick player, skilful feet, great timing and was good in the air. The peak of his career was with Lazio, especially his first three seasons. He was part of the famous "difesa di ferro" (iron defence) alongside Sentimenti brothers Vittorio III, Lucidio IV and Primo V plus Francesco Antonazzi, Zeffiro Furiassi and Romolo Alzani. It is considered one of Lazio's best ever defences. In his period at Lazio he also won five league derbies (W5, D2, L1), not bad at all.

Stefano Malacarne died on March 14, 1988.

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