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Transfers 1958

The previous season Lazio had arrived 12th and during the course of the season had changed managers from Milovan Ciric to Alfredo Monza. It was a difficult year since the club was in serious financial difficulty. Furthermore, Asian flu swept through the team with a vengeance, creating severe problems for the manager and in just the second match goalkeeper Bob Lovati broke his fingers. All in all, avoiding relegation was the best result possible.


This year there was a new manager, former Lazio Legend Fulvio Bernardini, who only a couple of years ago had won the scudetto with Fiorentina. 

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Goodbye Moon Beam


The financial troubles of the club meant that Arne Selmosson had to be sold. The Swede was Lazio’s star player and the club had managed to avoid selling him in the last couple of transfer windows. But now there was no choice. If Lazio were to survive, Moon Beam, as he was nicknamed by the fans, had to go.


Unfortunately, the highest bidders were Roma and despite the Swede not really being all that enthusiastic about moving to the wrong side of town, he left. The fans could not believe it. Some board members resigned, others could not leave their apartments for fear of being mobbed and many fans refused to renew their season tickets.


Selmosson had played 101 games for Lazio with 31 goals between 1955 and 1958. He would be missed terribly.


Other farewells


The arrival of Bernardini meant that there were going to be many comings and goings since the new manager had a way of playing that may not have been suitable to all players. As a consequence Lazio said goodbye to:


Nello Orlandi had been Bob Lovati’s second but with the arrival of Idilio Cei it was time for him to go. He left for Reggiana after two years at Lazio and 7 appearances.


Mario Colombo, defender, arrived in the autumn of 1957. He did not play much, just 9 appearances, and now had returned to Pro Patria, his previous club.


Giovanni Di Veroli, defender, did not have a good relationship with Bernardini who wanted him out of the squad. He did however prefer to retire rather than leave Rome. He had played 54 matches for the Biancocelesti between 1952 and 1958.


Alfredo Napoleoni, midfield player, grew up at Lazio and debuted the previous year. He was sent on loan to Catania to get more playing time. He had made 6 appearances with one goal in Coppa Italia.


Luigi Fuin had played seven seasons for Lazio. Solid midfielder, he had 147 appearances and 3 goals for the Biancocelesti. He was sold to Juventus.


Arnaldo Lucentini had arrived two seasons ago as backup midfielder. He made only 14 appearances with two goals and now signed for Catanzaro.


Brunello Cocciuti, forward, grew up at Lazio and made his debut last season. He was loaned to Ravenna to get more playing time. Last year he had made 6 appearances with one goal.


Clemente Mattei was another forward who had grown up at the club. He too was sent on loan to Catania.


Ermes Muccinelli was a legendary Italian forward that the Biancocelesti fans had appreciated over the last three years. He had a lengthy career and now had the chance to go back to play for Juventus with whom he won two scudetti in 1949-50 and 1951-52. At Lazio he made 93 appearances with 20 goals.


Pasquale Vivolo was another legendary forward who had played with Muccinelli at Juventus. He arrived in 1953 and had contributed to the Biancoceleste cause with 121 appearances and 33 goals. He too was towards the end of his career and signed for Genoa.




Rather a large number of new players arrived thanks to the cash generated by the sale of Selmosson. Some of these players would become Lazio legends and a few of them had already played for the Biancocelesti in the 1958 Coppa Italia in June.


Idilio Cei was a promising young goalkeeper arriving from Foligno. He was discovered by former Lazio player Romolo Alzani. 


Giacomo Del Gratta, a young defender, arrived from Zenit Modena.


Franco Janich was another very promising young defender. Last season he played for Atalanta. 


Paolo Carosi was just 20 years old but many swore he would have a brilliant career in midfield ahead of him. He arrived from Tivoli.


Giovanni Costariol arrived from the Roma youth team and was another promising midfielder. 


Bruno Franzini arrived from Genoa where he played the Coppa Italia but had previously caught the attention of the Lazio scouts for his good performances with Cremonese.


Egidio Fumagalli followed a similar path. From the Milan youth sector, he had played the last couple of years with Novese.


Carlo Tagnin was an experienced midfielder having played for Torino, Monza and Alessandria. Last year in Piedmont he played 29 games with 3 goals.


Claudio Bizzarri and Maurilio Prini were part of the Fiorentina team that won the scudetto under Bernardini in 1955-56. They were both forwards and would be fundamental for Humberto Tozzi who would certainly miss his attacking partner Selmosson 


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