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Transfers 1968-69

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

The Biancocelesti did so badly the previous season in Serie B that there was a need for a drastic change. First and foremost a new manager arrived: Juan Carlos Lorenzo, on his second stint after the betrayal of 1964 when he signed for Roma despite having a verbal agreement to continue with Lazio. He could not sit on the bench because he was a foreigner so during the games it was up to Bob Lovati.


Pietro Fioravanti arrived from Juventus on loan to be backup goalkeeper. He came from the Juventus youth team but had played very little in the past years, just one league game with Cesena in Serie C1 and two with the Bianconeri.

Corrado Leardi came from Varese to be third goalkeeper and play in the De Martino League (the reserves championship).

Mario Facco arrived from Inter. He was a promising young defender who had three appearances with the Nerazzurri over the past three years.

Pietro Fontana arrived from L'Aquila where he had made 30 league appearances in Serie C. He would be backup defender as would also Vincenzo Martella who was signed from Chieti.

Guido Onor came on loan from Juventus. He too came from the Bianconeri youth team. A promising defender.

Ferruccio Mazzola was signed from Inter. Perhaps not as talented as his brother Sandro, he had Serie A experience (Inter and Venezia) and Serie B (Lecco and Venezia). He had been on the Lazio wanted list for quite some time.

Elio Rinero, midfielder, arrived from Juventus on loan after having played, again on loan, at Verona last season.

Gian Piero Ghio, forward, came from Avellino where last year he scored 28 goals in 29 games in Serie C. Very promising centre forward.

Goodbye or arrivederci

Idilio Cei, after 293 appearances in 11 seasons, was sold to Palermo. A legendary goalkeeper, he would be remembered with great affection by fans.

Pierluigi Ronzon played his last season as a professional last year with Lazio in Serie B with 40 appearances as a sweeper. He had been around since 1952 first as midfielder then as defender and played for Sampdoria, Atalanta, Milan and Napoli.

Alberto Mari had been at Lazio since 1963 appearing in 71 games with 9 goals either on the right wing or on the left. Never a regular player, he was loaned to Sambenedettese, the team he played with before coming to Rome.

Pierluigi Pagni arrived in 1958 and, with the exception of a year on loan at Cosenza, played his entire career in Biancoceleste. A first choice player since 1962, he made 180 appearances. He was loaned to Spal.

Costantino Fava arrived from Treviso last season and played 15 league games in Serie B. He was loaned out to Perugia.

Paolo Carosi was one of the symbols of Lazio. He arrived from Tivoli in 1958 and with the exception of a year on loan with Udinese in 1962-63, has been with the Biancocelesti ever since. The midfield player was sold to Catania after 197 appearances.

Gianni Sassaroli, forward, was certainly not lucky at Lazio. After a year on loan at Avellino in 1965-66, he started as a first choice player last season but an injury then kept him out for a long spell. After 11 appearances and two goals he was loaned to Messina.

Sergio Castelletti had played as left back for eight years before arriving at Lazio in 1966. In two years though he did not leave much of a mark and totalled just 26 appearances. He was sold to Massese.

Aldo Anzuini, raised in the Biancoceleste youth teams, made 11 appearances in 1966-67. Last season he was loaned to Vicenza and had now been sold to Savona.

Winter transfer window

A few left in the winter.

Giancarlo Oddi, promising young central defender was loaned to Sora.

Giovanni Masiello came from the Lazio youth sector and played both the Primavera and De Martino championships. He also made 12 league appearances for the A team. The full back was loaned to Chieti.

Bruno Gioia, midfielder, arrived from Varese in 1967 and last year he made 30 league appearances with one goal. He was loaned to Mantova.


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