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Armando Del Debbio

Armando Del Debbio was born in Santos, Brazil on November 2, 1904. Like many South-Americans he had Italian origins, from Viareggio (Tuscany).

Source Lazio Wiki

His first club was São Bento between 1919 and 1921. He then played for Corinthians for ten years, playing 219 league games with 2 goals. He won 6 Paulista league titles with the "Timão" (Superteam).


In 1931, at 26, he arrived in Europe and joined Lazio. He was not the only Brazilian arriving: Pedro Rizzetti, Enzio Enrique Serafini, Amilcar, José Castelli, Alejandro Demaria, Anfilogino Guarisi and André Emanuel Tedesco all joined Lazio who already had the two Fantoni's in the squad. These were the years of "Brasilazio". In Rome he was nicknamed "Nerone".


In 1931-32 the player-manager was Amilcar and Lazio finished 13th. The highlight was beating Juventus 2-1 away. Del Debbio played 31 league games with 2 goals (Torino, Casale, both penalties).


In 1932-33 the manager was Austrian Karl Stürmer and Lazio finished 10th. Lazio won a derby and also beat Juventus and Milan at home. Del Debbio played 29 league games.


In 1933-34 the manager was still Stürmer and Lazio finished 10th again. Lazio beat Milan 4-0 and drew a derby 3-3 after being 0-3 down. Del Debbio played 16 league games.


In 1934-35 the manager was Czech Walter Alt and Lazio finished 5th also due to the signing of the great Silvio Piola. The highlights were beating Juventus 5-3 and Inter 4-2 while both derbies were draws. Del Debbio played 12 league games.


In 1935 he returned to Brazil and Corinthians. He played another four seasons, winning two more Paulista titles although he played less, only 10 league appearances.


He then retired at 34 and went into coaching.


As a player he also won 3 caps for Brazil, between 1929 and 1931, scoring 1 goal.


As a manager he had spells at Corinthians (1940-42), Palmeiras (1942-44, 1945), Corinthians (1947 and 1963).


Del Debbio was a defender. He was a tough player, one of those who always gives 100% and sometimes more, as his five red cards for Lazio show. He was popular at Lazio for his gritty style of play and dedication to the cause. He was part of the famous "Brasilazio" years.


Del Debbio died on May 8 1984, in São Paulo

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