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Lazio stun reigning Champions Juventus in Turin

Season 1931-32

Game 13, Serie A

Sunday, December 27, 1931

Stadio di Corso Marsiglia

Juventus Lazio 1-2

Lazio scored two goals in the opening seven minutes to claim a shock win

Source Lazio Wiki

The season had not got off to a great start for Lazio. They had lost the derby and had only 8 points after 12 games. The result of 3 wins, 2 draws and 7 defeats. The away trip to Juventus was a daunting prospect.


Juventus were overwhelming favourites going into this match. They were reigning Champions and already ten points ahead of today's  opposition, Lazio.


It was a cold day in Turin and the pitch was not at its best, frozen and slippery in some patches. Juventus were without Mario Varglien I (suspended) and Luigi Bertolini (injured).


Juventus possibly underestimated Lazio and came out too relaxed. Anyway they were already 1-0 down after six minutes. Varglien I wasn't playing but luckily for Lazio his brother Giovanni Varglien II was. Following a long cross from midfield, he and Virginio Rosetta failed to get rid of the ball which fell to Joao Fantoni I at the edge of the box. The Brazilian  striker hammered a low shot which went in off the post to make it 1-0 to Lazio.


The home fans didn't seem particularly taken aback as there was still plenty of time for the Champions to remedy this unexpected situation . The 'situation' however got worse only a minute later. It was again Varglien II at fault, this time obstructing the goalkeeper and enabling Aldo Spivach to double Lazio’s lead. Only seven minutes had gone and it was 2-0 to Lazio.


At this point Juventus decided to start taking things more seriously. They attacked in force but, despite a lot of pressure, only really had one clear scoring opportunity. Lazio unexpectedly didn't rest on their laurels and continued to play open, attacking football, confirmed by their eleven corner kicks. It was Juventus though who inevitably pushed forward more and they were rewarded in the 33rd minute. Lazio defender Armando Del Debbio handled the ball in the area for a Juventus penalty. Top scorer Raimundo Orsi turned down the chance to take it, so it was Luis Monti who stepped up, but he put the ball over the bar. The referee however had spotted a Lazio player in the area and so ordered the penalty to be retaken. This time Orsi took charge and made it 2-1.


The second half saw Juventus continue to pile forward but Lazio didn't make the mistake of defending too deep. The goal scoring chances were in fact quite evenly balanced. Juventus went close with a Federico Munerati shot, saved by Ezio Sclavi, while Lazio hit a post with Alejandro Demaria. There was to be no late goal by Renato Cesarini...


Lazio held on to clinch a historic victory. They didn't even have to suffer as much as would have been expected. Their star players had been keeper Sclavi, Marino Furlani, Anfilogino Guarisi, Alejandro Demaria, Pedro Rizzetti and Del Debbio  (practically the whole team ... but it had been a famous win). For Juventus Monti had a good game (despite missing the penalty, but that turned out to be irrelevant).


Juventus had probably played their worst game of the season so far but nothing should be taken away from Lazio. They were unanimously  praised for their performance and in particular for not resorting to overly defensive tactics, even after taking an early double lead.


All in all a thoroughly deserved win for the Roman Biancocelesti.


Who played for Juventus

Combi, Rosetta, Ferrero, Varglien II, Monti, Cesarini, Munerati, Maglio, Vecchina, Ferrari, Orsi

Manager: Carcano


Who played for Lazio

Sclavi, Mattei II, Del Debbio, Rizzetti, Furlani, Serafini, Guarisi, Malatesta, Fantoni I, Spivach, Demaria

Manager: Amilcar


Referee:  Dani

Goals: 6' Fantoni I, 7' Spivach, 33' Orsi (pen)




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