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What a win!!!

Updated: May 24

Game 30, Serie A

Sunday June 2, 1935

Stadio PNF, Rome

Lazio Ambrosiana Inter 4-2

By beating Ambrosiana Inter in the last game of the season, Lazio contribute to Juventus’ scudetto

Source SS Lazio Museum

Lazio had great ambition but the results were a bit disappointing. An excellent attack but not such a good defence meant that with one match left to the end of the season Lazio were fifth, three points behind city rivals Roma.

The final game of the season was against Ambrosiana Inter who were first together with Juventus. There had been a long battle between the two clubs and Fiorentina with the latter fading in the last four matches and now out of the scudetto race. Juventus were playing the last game in Florence.

The match

Ambrosiana Inter were the quickest into action and in the 4th minute Giacomo Blason had to save an Attilio Demaria shot. Immediately after, Joao Fantoni had his shot saved by Cario Ceresoli.

In the 7th minute Inter scored. One-two Eligio Vecchi-Demaria on the left, the latter took a shot at goal, Blason saved but Roberto Porta was ready for the tap in.

Lazio then attacked head down and the Inter goalkeeper had a lot of work to do. First he parried an Anfilogino Guarisi shot and then another one from Antonio Bisigato. Ambrosiana disappeared from the field and Lazio equalised. Free kick for the Biancocelesti in the 12th minute for a foul on Silvio Piola. Felice Levratto hammered in an unstoppable ball that bent Ceresoli's hands.

Inter, practically unbeatable up to then collapsed and Lazio went for the kill. Ceresoli in the 14th minute was nothing short of miraculous on a Bisigato shot. In the 22nd minute a long pass by Giuseppe Viani reached Piola on the right. The Lazio legend dribbled past Ernesto Mascheroni, moved centre and from 15 metres gave the ball a big whack. 2-1 for Lazio.

Inter had no choice but to pull their socks up. Blason saved a powerful shot from Alfredo De Vincenzi in the 27th minute and in the 32nd Giuseppe Meazza headed the ball over the crossbar with the entire Lazio defence just watching and praying. The Lazio keeper had to save a couple of shots from Demaria and De Vincenzi before the referee closed the first half.

At this point Juventus were drawing 0-0 in Florence and were temporarily champions, but Inter in the second half were unable to create anything decent. In the 49th minute Lazio almost made it three. Levratto crossed, Guarisi passed to Piola who unmarked had an easy chance, but the ball went wide. In the 59th minute, Piola dribbled past three Inter players before he was fouled just outside the box. Guarisi took the free kick and Ernesto Mascheroni managed to send the ball into corner. On the cross that followed, Piola headed the ball towards the goal but Ceresoli saved.

The Lazio defence held the fort and only in the 64th minute did Blason have any work to do, saving a Ferruccio Ghidini shot into corner.. Meazza and De Vincenzi changed positions and Inter seemed to gain some benefit. In the 71st minute Meazza passed the ball to Demaria but before he could reach it he was fouled from behind. Penalty (according to the newspaper Il Littoriale – ancestor of the Corriere dello Sport - there was no penalty, but the Gazzetta dello Sport says there was - two cities, two versions). Mascheroni took the spot kick but sent the ball wide.

In the 82nd minute Lazio scored their third. After an Inter corner, Attillio Ferraris IV passed the ball to Guarisi who had a prolonged challenge with Paolo Agosteo. Filò was the winner and promptly set up Piola who, from outside the box, surprised Ceresoli.

The last minutes for the game were dramatic. Inter charged forward and with two minutes to go reduced the deficit. Demaria’s shot was parried and Meazza was quicker than the rest of the field and scored.

However, Ambrosiana did not have much time to try to equalise because Lazio immediately scored their fourth. Guarisi to Piola and it was a hat trick for the centre forward.

Inter were finished, Juventus beat Fiorentina and won the scudetto.

Who played for Lazio

Blason, Bertagni, Serafini, Viani I, Ferraris IV, Pardini, Guarisi, Fantoni I, Piola, Bisigato, Levratto

Manager: Alt

Who played for Inter

Ceresoli, Agosteo, Mascheroni, Ghidini, Faccio, Pitto, Porta, De Vincenzi, Meazza, Demaria I, Vecchi.

Manager: Feldmann

Referee: Scorzoni

Goals: 7’ Porta, 12’ Levratto, 22’ Piola, 82’ Piola, 88’ Meazza, 89’ Piola



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