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June 19, 1955: Lazio Bologna 0-0

Scirocco, absences and lack of motivations prevail

An end of season game played in hot conditions unsurprisingly ends up goalless

The season so far

Lazio had finished 11th the previous season. The manager was first Mario Sperone (1-24) and then Federico Allasio (25-34). Top scorers were Alberto Fontanesi and Pasquale Vivolo with 9 league goals each. Lazio’s best result had been defeating Juventus 2-1.


This season the manager was initially Allasio (1-7) and then George Raynor (with Roberto Copernico as technical director). Lazio had made quite a few changes to the squad.


Arriving were: keeper Giuseppe Zibetti (Brescia), defender Attilio Giovannini (Inter, after 191 league games), Carlo Parola (Juventus-after 334 league games), midfielder Renzo Sassi (Legnano) and forward John Hansen (Juventus, after 188 league games and 124 goals).


Leaving were keeper Lucidio Sentimenti IV (Vicenza, after 170 league games), midfielders Franco Carradori (loan to Palermo), Enrique Flamini (Terracina, after 272 league games), Serafino Montanari (Chinotto Neri) and forward Paolo Bettolini (Monza-on loan).


Lazio had so far been having a similar season to the previous. The Biancocelesti were currently in joint 11th place, with Catania, Genoa and Triestina, on 29 points. They had definitely achieved survival a week earlier by beating Triestina 3-1 away. Lazio had won 11 (including Inter 3-2, Juventus 2-1 at home and Roma 3-1), drawn 7 (including derby 1-1) and lost 15. Top scorer was John Hansen with 15 league goals.


Bologna had finished 7th the previous season, under manager Gipo Viani. He was a former Lazio player (1934-38). Top scorer was Gino Cappello with 12 league goals. The Rossoblu had won one and drew one against Lazio.


This season the manager was still Viani. The main new arrival was defender Battista Rota (Atalanta) while leaving were defender Nello Cattozzo (Atalanta) and forward István Mike Mayer (Genoa).


Bologna were having a good season and were currently joint 3rd with Roma, on 39 points. The Felsinei had won 15 (including Roma 4-3 away and Juventus 2-1, Lazio 2-1, Inter 3-2 all at home), drawn 9 and lost 9. Top scorer was Pivatelli with 17 league goals.


An end of season game with not a lot to say. Bologna could arrive 3rd and Lazio 11th.


The match: Sunday, June 19, 1955, Stadio Olimpico, Rome

It was a sunny and hot day in Rome with a sandy scirocco wind blowing. The crowd was about 30,000.


Lazio were without defender Primo Sentimenti, midfielders Luigi Fuin and Per Bredesen plus forwards Pasquale Vivolo and John Hansen.


Bologna were missing defenders Ivan Jensen and Battista Rota, midfielders Axel Pilmark and Ugo Pozzan plus forward Gino Pivatelli.


The lack of motivations and sticky atmospheric conditions soon made it clear this would not be a classic. The rhythm was pedestrian and the defences constantly prevailed over the attacks.


The few chances in the first half were for Bologna but Gino Cappello was either off target or anticipated by Lazio keeper Giampiero Bandini. A bland first half finished 0-0.


The second half was at least a bit livelier. Lazio looked more interested and had a good Renzo Burini effort well saved by Anselmo Giorcelli. The Biancocelesti even managed to score but it was inexplicably disallowed. In the 62nd minute a long ball by Burini found Sigvard Löfgren with space between the defenders, the Swede pushed the ball forward and beat the keeper coming off his line. A perfectly good goal but the linesman, to the general surprise, put his flag up. The Laziali protested vigorously but the decision was made.


A minute later Lazio had another chance when Burini glided past Guglielmo Giovannini and Dino Ballacci but managed to put the ball wide from about seven metres out. The Lombard forward then had another dangerous effort but with no luck.


In the 65th minute the Bolognesi had a seemingly justifiable appeal for a penalty when Giovanni Di Veroli pulled down Gino Cervellati in the area. The referee however, either incompetent, affected by the scirocco or falling into the compensation trap, gestured to play on.


A few minutes later Lazio were down to ten men. After a dirty foul by José Garcia on Di Veroli, the Lazio defender freed himself from the pincer position he found himself trapped in a little too energetically and there followed a scuffle between various players with Cappello even trying to show off some boxing skills. The referee in the end decided to only send Di Veroli off despite him probably being the least guilty. The Lazio defender shuffled off without a fuss.


In ten men Lazio pulled Renzo Sassi II back and played him in Di Veroli's position. Bologna with the extra player obviously pushed forward more but lacked urgency and the game ended up in a goalless draw.


A boring first half followed by a slightly better second. A point each was a fair result and both sides had suffered equally from the referee's off day too.


Playing in mid June with nothing to play for had inevitably resulted in a lacklustre affair. It was goodbye to September and hopefully fresher conditions and renewed incentives.


Who played for Lazio

Manager: Raynor


Who played for Bologna

Giorcelli, Giovannini, Favalli, Tubaro, Greco, Ballacci, Valentinuzzi, Garcia, Cappello, Randon, Cervellati

Manager: Viani


Referee: Liverani

Red Card: 68' Di Veroli (L)


What happened next

Lazio finished 12th. Top scorer was John Hansen with 15 league goals. Another nondescript season for the Biancocelesti.


Bologna finished 4th. Top scorer was Gino Pivatelli with 17 league goals.


Milan won the Scudetto ahead of a surprising Udinese who would however then be relegated in punishment for charges of corruption from the previous season. This was Milan's 5th Scudetto while going down were Catania (for corruption charges from this season) and of course Udinese. The teams who should have been relegated originally were SPAL and Pro Patria.

Lazio 1954-55






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Top five goal scorers


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Let's talk about Giampiero Bandini

Source Lazio Wiki

Giampiero Bandini was born in Terni on January 19, 1935.


He started playing football in two local teams, first Vis Terni and then Ternana.


He made his debut for the Rossoverdi in 1951 in the 4th tier. He played 10 league games under Eraldo Pangrazi but was then loaned to Fabriano. The Fere were eventually relegated despite three different managers.


Fabriano were in Promozione (5th tier) and finished 4th and were promoted up to the 4th tier.


Despite interest from Juventus, he then joined Lazio’s youth sector. He spent a year with the Primavera (U19's) and then in 1954-55 joined the first team squad.


The manager was first Federico Allasio (1-7) and then George Raynor, with Roberto Copernico as technical director. The Biancocelesti finished 12th, beating Inter 3-2 and Juventus 2-1 at home plus Roma 3-1. Bandini played 4 league games. His debut came on April 24 in a 1-1 home draw against Novara.


In 1955-56 the manager was first Luigi Ferrero (1-14) and then Jesse Carver. Lazio finished an excellent 3rd. The first keeper was Bob Lovati and Bandini played 2 league games. In this season he won the Reserve League title.


In 1956 he joined Triestina in Serie A. The manager was Piero Pasinati and the Alabardati were relegated in 17th place. Bandini played all 34 league games.


In 1957-58 the Rossoalabardati won the Serie B league under Aldo Olivieri. Bandini again played all 34 league games and even scored 2 goals, both penalties.


In 1958-59 back in Serie A the Triestini ended up relegated again. The manager was first Olivieri (1-17) and then Guglielmo Trevisan (18-34) and the Unione finished 17th. Bandini played 16 league games as he was alternated with Roberto Rumich.


The 1959-60 season was his last in Trieste. The Alabardati narrowly missed out on promotion, finishing 4th under Trevisan. Bandini played 35 league games. One of his teammates was future Lazio, Giuliano Fortunato.


In 1960 Bandini joined Siena in Serie C. The Bianconeri finished 4th under Oronzo Pugliese (future Roma 1965-68). Bandini played 34 league games. The following season he stayed on and Robur finished 9th, under former legendary Lazio player Aldo Puccinelli (1940-43, 1945-55). Bandini played 20 league games.


In 1962 he moved to the coast and joined Sambenedettese in Serie B. The Rossoblu finished and were relegated after getting through four different managers. The following year the "Samba" finished 3rd under Mario Caciagli. In his two seasons with the Marchigiani he played 62 league games.


In 1964 he joined Campobasso in Serie D. He stayed in Molise one season finishing 13th and making 28 league appearances. He was even player-manager towards the end of the season, taking over from Armando Leonzio.


Bandini's last club was Narnese, from Narni in his home region of Umbria. The "Uppene" were in Serie D and finished 7th, under Romano Magherini. Bandini played 28 league games.


He then retired at 31.


In his youth, in the 1956-77 season, he won 2 caps for the Italy B side.


Bandini was a goalkeeper. His most prestigious team was Lazio but his best period was with Triestina where he won a promotion and played two seasons in A. In his career he played a total of 56 games in Serie A and 97 in B.


At Lazio he played 6 games in Serie A. He was a reserve, first to Giuseppe Zibetti and then to Bob Lovati.


Giampiero Bandini died in Monfalcone (Gorizia) on February 23, 2008

Lazio Career


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