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Brescia red cards help Lazio

Game 22, Serie A

Sunday, March 8, 1936

Stadio PNF, Rome

Lazio Brescia 3-0

Lazio beat Brescia thanks to Uneddu, Camolese, Levratto and two red cards

Source Lazio Wiki

After the first half of the season Lazio were tenth, a little disappointing. The situation had improved slightly since then and before today’s game they were seventh. They had drawn at home against Milan and Ambrosiana Inter, beaten Juventus 3-0 at home, but lost the derby. However, in Coppa Italia, the Biancocelesti had eliminated Roma in the round of 16, so at least a partial revenge.

The match

Lazio had played three days earlier against Sampierdarenese which was postponed from the previous Sunday due to the weather conditions that had waterlogged the pitch. As a consequence, Brescia might have expected the Biancocelesti to be tired. But that certainly was not the case. In the 10th minute Lazio scored thanks to a magnificent header from Luigi Uneddu.

The Biancocelesti tried to increase their tally, but Brescia managed to put up a wall that was rather difficult for the Lazio forwards to break down. In the second half, things changed. Silvio Piola, fed up with not having a decent ball to play, moved to the wing so that he could have a greater freedom for a shot. In the 56th minute he tried again but it was saved by Giuseppe Persichetti who then dropped it only to grab it again very close to the goal line. At this point Virgilio Levratto tried to take advantage of the fumble and probably kicked the goalkeeper who reacted by punching the Lazio forward. Brescia were not only forced to play with ten men but also without a goalkeeper. Bruno Bianchi went into goal.

At this point, the fans hoped that the hosts would attack with vehemence, but they did not and Brescia took control of the match despite being one man down. The Rondinelle though were then forced to play with nine men after Ugo Locatelli was sent off for kicking Turchi. Lazio too however lost Monza due to injury.

In the 74th minute Bruno Camolese ,with a shot from outside the box, scored Lazio’s second. No fault of poor Bianchi, even Persichetti would have had trouble saving that ball. Three minutes later Levratto made it three.

Brescia however really wanted to score and they had a colossal chance in the last minutes of the game. A great pass from Mario Provaglio reached Giovanni Chiecchi who was fouled from behind by Benedicto Zacconi. Penalty. Chiecchi was a specialist but his spot kick was disastrous. They still have not found the ball after all these years.

Good win for the Biancocelesti, who were now just one point from fourth place.

Lazio played with black armbands due to the death of former player Ugo Ciabattini who had died on February 15, in the Ethiopian war. He was a pilot and his plane was shot down.

Who played for Lazio


Manager: Alt

Who played for Brescia

Peruchetti, Tamietti, Caligaris, Provaglio, Valenti, Gasparini, Schiavetta, Locatelli, Chiecchi III, Bianchi, Rier.

Manager: Caligaris


Referee: Gonani


Goals: 10’ Uneddu, 74’ Camolese, 77’ Levratto



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