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Lazio crush la Viola

Game 20, National Division, Group B

Sunday, March 17, 1929

Campo Rondinella, Rome

Lazio Fiorentina 5-1

The Romans outplay the Florentines and cruise to easy victory

Source Lazio Wiki

Lazio needed points today to qualify for the next season's first ever single national league (top 8 from each of the two groups). They were strong favourites today against a team who had already conceded 69 goals in 19 matches.


And there was no match really. Fiorentina surprisingly went in front after ten minutes with Mario Meucci but once Lazio had equalised, only thirty seconds later with Francesco Rier, the game became a monologue by the Biancocelesti.


Lazio dominated above all in midfield with Marino Furlani, Walter Marcacci and Rier particularly active.


The second goal came in the 25th minute and was scored by striker Aldo Spivach.


Lazio continued to attack but despite their clear superiority they only led 2-1 at halftime.


The second half followed the same script. Lazio completely in control and the Viola very rarely threatening, except due to a couple of unorthodox excursions off his line by Ezio Sclavi.


More goals predictably came. In the 60th minute Spivach got his brace, then Gino Lamon scored in the 75th and in the 89th Spivach got his hat-trick, his 9th goal of the season.


A routine and easy win for Lazio who were never pushed by the Florentines. There was too much difference in quality between the two sides for there to be any real contest.


Two more points for Lazio’s quest to finish in the top eight and qualify for the following year's first ever single Serie A league. The Gigliati looked every bit like Serie B material.


Who played for Lazio

Sclavi, Saraceni II, Bottacini, Marcacci, Furlani, Caimmi, Molinis, Rier, Spivach, Lamon, Griggio

Manager: Rangone


Who played for Fiorentina

Sernagiotto, Borgato, Siniscalchi, Staccione, Longoni, Salvatorini, Pariati, Nichele, Meucci, Tommasi, Pilati

Manager: Csapkay/Feldmann


Referee: Pezzato

Goals: 10' Meucci, 11' Rier, 25' Spivach, 60' Spivach, 75' Lamon, 89' Spivach




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