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Lazio come good and grab two crucial points

Updated: Feb 7

Game 29, Serie A

Sunday, May 21, 1989

Stadio Olimpico, Rome

Lazio Fiorentina 1-0

A Rúben Sosa penalty gives Lazio deserved win

Both teams had some important absences today, due to suspension or injury. Lazio were missing Raimondo Marino, Massimo Piscedda, Andrea Icardi and Gabriele Pin. Fiorentina's were less in numbers but maybe more important as they were without Dunga and Stefano Borgonovo.

From the word go Lazio seemed more motivated and determined. Claudio Sclosa was dominant in midfield, Paolo Di Canio and Ruben Sosa lively up front. In the 16th minute Lazio appealed for a penalty when Glenn Hysen tripped Di Canio but the referee saw it differently. In the 21st minute a long ball by Ciro Muro found Sosa who, challenged by Hysen, clashed with Giuseppe Pellicanò. The visitor's keeper came out worse for wear with a hand injury and had to be replaced by Marco Landucci.

Lazio continued to attack and accumulated a series of corners. Fiorentina's only chance came in the 43rd minute when Stefano Salvatori slalomed past a few defenders but shot against Valerio Fiori, who had rushed off his line. Half time Lazio 0 Fiorentina 0. The Biancocelesti well on top but no breakthrough yet.

The second half started in the same pattern. Lazio aggressive and Fiorentina on the defensive. The key moment came in the 57th minute when the referee gave Lazio a clear penalty for a blatant Davide Pellegrini foul on Antonio Acerbis. Sosa hammered home a mid-height missile to give Lazio the lead. 1-0.

Fiorentina had a few threatening Roberto Baggio freekicks but apart from spending more time in Lazio's half did not really threaten. Sven-Goran Eriksson looked at his bench and decided against making any changes. Lazio pulled back in protection of the precious two points and despite some tense last minutes brought home an important win. Final score Lazio 1 Fiorentina 0.

Lazio had deserved the win. They had attacked more (11 corners to 1) and played with more intensity and belief. Fiorentina badly missed Dunga, and Baggio as centre forward was not as effective as when he played behind Borgonovo.

Lazio were not safe yet but today was a giant step forward.

Who played for Lazio

Fiori, Monti, Beruatto, Acerbis, Gregucci, Di Canio, Dezotti (75' Di Loreto), Muro, Sclosa, Sosa (89' Rizzolo)

Substitutes: Martina, Di Biagio, Ercoli

Manager: Materazzi

Who played for Fiorentina

Pellicanò (25' Landucci), Calisti, Carobbi, Battistini, C. Pin, Hysen, Salvatori, E.Cucchi, Pellegrini II, Baggio, Di Chiara II

Substitutes: Bosco, Perugi, Secci, Centrone

Manager: Santarini

Referee: Frigerio

Goals: 57' Sosa (pen)



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