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Updated: May 4

Game 29, Serie A

Sunday, May 12, 1974

Stadio Olimpico Rome

Lazio Foggia 1-0

By beating Foggia 1-0 Lazio win their first scudetto

Official SS Lazio Photo

80,000 people were waiting for this game at the Olimpico, all of them with a scarf or a flag. A sea of blue and white. The gates had to open at 8.30 because at 6 o' clock people had already started queuing to get into the stadium, the match started at 4 pm!!!

Official SS Lazio photo

Lazio were nervous, very nervous, and played very badly. Foggia, who desperately needed a point to avoid relegation, tried to take advantage of the situation and Giuseppe Pavone had a chance but Felice Pulici saved. Giorgio Chinaglia tried with a big whack on a free kick but Raffaele Trentini managed to parry.

And for the first half that was it. Maestrelli in the changing rooms tried to get the boys to reason but they just stared at him blankly. In the second half Gigi Martini got seriously injured in the 50th minute. He broke his clavicle and would hence miss the upcoming World Cup in Germany. Chinaglia tried again on a free kick and Vincenzo D’Amico was dangerous in the 51st minute. Lazio started to attack but in a far too disorderly fashion. There was too much tension.

In the 58th minute the match changer. Renzo Garlaschelli in the box on the right crossed in and Francesco Scorsa touched the ball with his hand. Penalty. Chinaglia took the spot kick and scored.

In the 62nd minute Garlaschelli got sent off for a retaliatory foul and Lazio just stopped playing. They pulled back and hardly ever crossed into Foggia's half in the fear of a counter attack. But nothing else happened and at 5.45 pm Lazio became Champions of Italy.

An amazing feat. Lazio played the most exciting football, had a bunch of wild players who were all stars and fit perfectly together, managed by the Maestro Tommaso Maestrelli and marvellously put together by President Umberto Lenzini and Sports Director Antonio Sbardella. Felice Pulici, Sergio Petrelli, Luigi Martini, Giuseppe Wilson, Giancarlo Oddi, Franco Nanni, Renzo Garlaschelli, Luciano Re Cecconi, Giorgio Chinaglia, Mario Frustalupi, VIncenzo D’Amico would all become club legends and have a place in the hearts of all Lazio supporters. But also Fausto Inselvini, Paolo Franzoni, Mario Facco, Pierpaolo Manservisi and Luigi Polentes who all lent a hand to reach the final apotheosis and will never be forgotten. To all of these we must also add Roberto Lovati, assistant to Maestrelli, Doctor Renato Ziaco, Team Manager Luigi Bezzi, as well as spiritual guide Father Antonio Lisandrini.

Who played for Lazio

Substitutes: Avagliano, Franzoni

Manager: Maestrelli

Who played for Foggia

Trentini, Cimenti, Colla, Pirazzini, Bruschini (66' Golin), Scorsa, Fabbian, Valente, S. Villa, Rognoni, Pavone.

Substitutes: Giacinti, Delneri.

Manager: Toneatto.

Referee: Panzino

Goal: 60’ Chinaglia (pen)



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