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A prestigious victory

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Game 32, Serie A

Sunday, April 16, 1950

Stadio Nazionale, Rome

Lazio Inter 3-2

A fantastic and deserved win for Lazio against Inter thanks to goals from Magrini, Flamini and Sentimenti III

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Lazio started the game much stronger than Inter and scored in the 7th minute. Vittorio Sentimenti III passed the ball to Aldo Puccinelli on the right who crossed. Enrique Flamini had everything figured out even before the ball left the Lazio winger's foot. His volley was unstoppable and Lazio went ahead.

It could have been two up almost immediately after but Ferenc Nyers II shot was just wide. In the 11th minute Servaas Wilkes had a chance to equalise but he shot wide from a favourable position.

Lazio scored again in the 15th minute. Romano Penzo crossed into the middle of the box, Camillo Achilli had a second of indecision which Mario Magrini exploited to the fullest. 2-0 for Lazio.

Inter started pushing and Gino Armano, thanks to a Wilkes assist, had a chance but Lucidio Sentimenti IV saved. The Lazio legendary keeper did the same shortly after on an Aldo Campatelli shot from outside the box. In the 30th minute Inter lost Achilli due to injury (there were no substitutions then). Despite the inferiority, Inter closed the gap in the 38th minute. Campatelli crossed a free kick into the box that Wilkes headed towards the goal. The header was weak and Leandro Remondini left it for Sentimenti IV. Unfortunately for Lazio the ball hit his backside allowing Istvan Nyers I a comfortable tap in. An error of over confidence.

The second half started exactly like the first. In the 50th minute Sentimenti III had the ball 25 metres from the goal. “Who do I pass it to?”, he asked himself. All the Biancocelesti were marked, so Vittorio attempted a shot. The missile that came off his boot would have been impossible to save even for Superman. 3-1 for Lazio.

Inter started pushing again and Wilkes hit the woodwork twice with a single shot. Francesco Antonazzi then fouled Nyers I in the box in the 75th minute. Penalty for Inter and Nyers I scored his double.

In the chaos that followed Penzo and Puccinelli missed easy chances. Campatelli had the last ball of the match. His cross in the box was headed wide by Renato Miglioli.

A great win for Lazio, now just one point behind third place.

Who played for Lazio

Manager: Sperone

Who played for Inter

Soldan, Miglioli, Basso, Giacomazzi, Campatelli, Achilli, Armano, Wilkes, Amadei, Fiorini, Nyers I.

Manager: Cappelli

Referee: Bertolio

Goals: 7’ Flamini, 15’ Magrini, 38’ Nyers I, 50’ Sentimenti III, 75’ Nyers I (pen)



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