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Brasillazio-Livorno 3-0

Game 7, Serie A

November 26, 1933

Stadio PNF, Rome

Lazio Livorno 3-0

Three goals from the Brazilian oriundi allow the Biancocelesti to comfortably beat Livorno

Source Il Littoriale

After the first eleven games of the season Lazio were 10th with ten points. They had not played well and had lost heavily with Milan, Roma and Inter and were just one point off relegation zone, but also only three points away from third place. Beating Livorno was a must.


The match


It was pouring with rain and the pitch was in terrible conditions, but Lazio were optimistic since their star player Joao Fantoni I had solved his family problems in Brazil and had returned just in time for the match.


The Biancocelesti started well and had a massive chance in the 11th minute. Pietro Buscaglia took advantage of a Bruno Arcari mistake and whacked the ball towards the goal. Paolo Lami saved but the wet ball slipped out of his hands, Alejandro Demaria passed to Buscaglia who shot but this time the Livorno goalkeeper blocked.


In the 14th minute Lazio scored. Leonisio Fantoni III tried a shot, Lami saved but Fantoni I was ready for the easy tap in.


Livorno reacted but Ezio Sclavi had to wait until the 28th minute to make his first save on a Ulises Uslenghi shot. After an Octavio Fantoni II shot going just wide, Lazio in the 41st minute made it two thanks to a great free kick by Filò Guarisi.


During the interval both captains presented flowers to Edda Ciano, Benito Mussolini’s daughter, present at the stadium with her husband Galeazzo.


In the second half Livorno had a couple of chances, squandered at the last moment due to the awful state of the pitch. Lazio capitalised and in the 56th minute made it three. A long clearance by Enzio Serafini reached Pietro Rizzetti who passed to Fantoni I. Big whack, Lami as usual parried but gave Demaria another simple tap in.


Livorno did try to reduce the deficit and Lazio tried to make it four. The hosts had chances with Fantoni II in the 64th minute and Guarisi in the 78th but both shots were this time successfully saved by the Livorno goalkeeper. Sclavi was kept busy by Giovanni Busoni.


A storm broke out in the last 15 minutes and one could hardly see anything from the stands. Guarisi had a chance in the 84th minute but his shot was parried by the keeper. Livorno had one last attempt in the final minutes but Sclavi saved an Uslenghi shot.


Great win for Lazio in difficult weather conditions.


Who played for Lazio


Sclavi, Bertagni, Serafini, Rizzetti, Tonali, Fantoni II, Guarisi, Fantoni I, Fantoni III, Buscaglia, Demaria

Manager: Sturmer


Who played for Livorno


Lami, Biondi, Monza II, Persia, Uslenghi, Alberti, Martini, Arcari IV, Busoni, Magnozzi, Cappelli.

Manager: Lelovics


Referee: Levrero


Goals: 14’ Fantoni I, 41’ Guarisi, 56’ Demaria




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