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Great win for the Biancocelesti

Updated: May 24

Game 18, Serie A

Sunday, March 3, 1935

Stadio Littoriale, Bologna

Bologna Lazio 1-2

Two goals in the first 20 minutes give Lazio a precious victory.

The season had started very well. After the first five games, Lazio had won them all except one, beating Livorno 6-1 and Juventus 5-3, and were top of the table together with Fiorentina. But after the draw in the derby, the Biancocelesti lost four consecutive games. They then won three out of four and lost the last match of the first half of the season 1-0 against Ambrosiana Inter. They were sixth together with Triestina.

After beating Livorno and drawing at home with Triestina, the Biancocelesti were currently fifth.

The match

Lazio started well and after just two minutes they were already ahead. Attilio Ferraris IV passed the ball to Felice Levratto who sent a cross in the box. Joao Fantoni I got there first and scored.

Bologna reacted and a Carlo Reguzzoni-Bruno Maini one-two allowed the latter to shoot at goal but Giacomo Blason managed to parry. The Lazio goalkeeper repeated himself in the 11th minute off an Angelo Schiavo free kick. In the 21st minute Ferraris IV passed to Levratto who beat Gastone Martelli for speed and hammered the ball towards the goal. The violent shot hit the inside post and went in. 2-0 for the Biancocelesti.

The Rossoblu reduced the deficit in the 33rd minute. Giordano Corsi passed to Rafael Sansone who managed to dribble past Francesco Gabriotti and pass to Francisco Fedullo who, with a powerful shot, beat Blason. In the 41st minute a possible game changer. Levratto, for a foul on Martelli, was sent off.

In the second half, Bologna doubled their efforts but the Biancoceleste defence managed to hold steady. In the 60th minute a bicycle kick from Reguzzoni was saved by Blason. In the 75th minute the referee showed the red card to Corsi. Bologna tried to knock down the Lazio defensive wall but to no avail.

Great win for the Biancocelesti

Who played for Bologna

Gianni, Fiorini, Bernardi, Martelli II, Donati, Corsi, Maini, Sansone, Schiavio, Fedullo, Reguzzoni.

Manager: Weisz


Who played for Lazio


Manager: Alt


Referee: Scotto


Goals: 2’ Fantoni I, 21’ Levratto, 33’ Fedullo



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