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The blond one

Updated: May 4

Game 9, Serie A

Sunday December 30, 1973

Stadio Olimpico, Rome

Lazio Milan 1-0


Lazio score in the dying seconds with a magnificent Re Cecconi goal

Source Lazio Wiki

The Biancocelesti started the game at an amazing pace. Renzo Garlaschelli’s shot from inside the box was saved by Willian Vecchi. The Milan goalkeeper was spectacular shortly after parrying a surface-to-air shot by Nanni. After a Garlaschelli goal was disallowed for hand ball in the 28th minute, two minutes later Giorgio Chinaglia sent a powerful shot from a free kick towards the Milan goal, Vecchi parried setting up a comfortable tap in for Sergio Petrelli who however let the ball go under his legs and wasted the chance. In the last second of the first half, Milan scored with Alberto Bigon off a corner but the referee had blown the whistle as the first half had finished while the ball was in the air. Hence no goal. 


In the second half, another free kick whacked towards the goal by Chinaglia was saved by Vecchi. In the 61st minute, Vincenzo D’Amico crossed, Petrelli managed to head the ball towards Franco Nanni who volleyed a missile that yet again was parried by the Milan goalkeeper. The Rossoneri were dangerous in the 64th minute when Gianni Rivera took a free kick and crossed into the box, Bigon anticipated Felice Pulici, Giorgio Biasiolo had an open goal opportunity but missed the ball. Immediately after D’Amico tried a shot but Vecchi saved, again. In the 68th minute Romeo Benetti and Petrelli were sent off for fighting and Maestrelli threw in Paolo Franzoni for D’Amico. In the 75th minute Bigon on the counterattack arrived unmarked in front of Pulici but the Lazio keeper managed to save.


As the game was about to end, Mario Frustalupi took control of the ball, looked up, and gave a marvellous assist to Luciano Re Cecconi. His volley beat Vecchi and gave Lazio the two points.


Great match, marvellous win.


Who played for Lazio


Substitutes: Moriggi, Facco

Manager: Maestrelli


Who played for Milan


Vecchi, Sabadini, Zignoli, Anquilletti, Turone, Biasiolo, Sogliano (63' Bergamaschi), Benetti, Bigon, Rivera, Chiarugi. 

Substitutes: Pizzaballa, Dolci. 

Manager: Maldini

TD: Rocco


Referee: Ciacci


Goal: 90’ Re Cecconi



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