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Penzo hat trick buries Palermo

Game 26, Serie A

Sunday, February 20, 1949

Stadio Nazionale, Rome

Lazio Palermo 5-1

A Penzo hat trick plus goals from De Andreis and Puccinelli annihilate Palermo

Source Lazio Wiki

Lazio as collected only 4 points in the first ten games. Then they beat Bologna 8-2 and it was all smiles again. But then they still only managed 9 points in the subsequent ten. After beating Lucchese, Lazio drew two games: the derby and away to Atalanta. The match against Palermo had to show some continuity of results for Lazio.

The match

It was Norbert Hofling’s first game in Rome and the stadium was packed as many people were curious to see him. Manager Mario Sperone put him in the centre of the attack and moved Romano Penzo to midfield. This made Lazio more complete and the results showed immediately. In the first minute Hofling hit the crossbar and Penzo was ready for the tap in. 1-0 for Lazio.

Eight minutes later, Aurelio Pavesi crossed for Andrea Marzani and Palermo equalised. The Sicilians managed to block Lazio’s play and were very dangerous themselves up front. Palermo insisted and Enrico Boniforti had a first free kick saved by Marco Brandolin and a second just wide. Cestmir Vycpalek (Zdenek Zeman’s uncle) also had a chance but his shot was walled by Francesco Antonazzi. Penzo could have given Lazio the lead but his header was well saved by Arnaldo Sentimenti II.

In the second half Palermo collapsed. In the 48th minute, great play from Hofling and ball to Aldo Puccinelli who crossed for Penzo. Spectacular acrobatic header and 2-1 for Lazio.

Lazio trebled with Costantino De Andreis 11 minutes later. In the 64th minute, excellent cross from Puccinelli, the ball went over to the far post and Penzo scored his third of the day.

Puccinelli’s goal in the 77th minute was the final icing on the cake. A great win for Lazio who were able to fully exploit their new signing, Hofling.

Who played for Lazio

Manager: Sperone

Who played for Palermo

Sentimenti II, Boniforti, Casuzzi, Sforza, Milani, Piccinini, Marzani, Vycpalek, Pavesi, Moretti, De Santis

Manager: Varglien

Referee: Bergomi

Goals: 1’ Penzo, 9’ Marzani, 48’ Penzo, 59’ De Andreis, 64’ Penzo, 77’ Puccinelli



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