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Chinaglia scores again as Lazio thrash unlucky Perugia

Updated: Jan 23

1971-72 Season

Game 13, Serie B

Sunday, December 19, 1971

Stadio Olimpico

Lazio Perugia 4-1

A big win against hard fighting Perugia sends Lazio up to second place.

A cold, cloudy day welcomed the Grifoni from Perugia to the capital. Lazio could finally field their best team, as striker Long John Chinaglia was returning after a two-match suspension.

The match came to life immediately with both teams throwing caution to the wind and going on the attack. The first 2 chances were for the hosts, both with Chinaglia. First he went round the keeper Leonardo Grosso but his shot went wide and then he went close with a header. The Umbri from Perugia however were far from docile and Bruno Mazzia came close to putting them ahead, hitting the post.

On the half hour mark the score changed. A good team move by Alessandro Abbondanza, Giambattista Moschino and Chinaglia was hammered in on the volley by the “Italo-Welsh” centre-forward. Lazio then doubled their lead just before half-time. A free kick by Moschino was headed on by Carlo Facchin and then nodded past the keeper by Abbondanza. Perugia however didn't give up and there was still time for them to hit another post, this time with a Carlo Volpi header. So the first half score was Lazio 2 goals, Perugia 2 posts.

The start of the second half saw Perugia again go close to scoring with a Traini shot brilliantly saved by Claudio Bandoni. The Lazio keeper repeated himself on a powerful effort by Claudio Tinaglia. Perugia pushed more and more men forward in an attempt to kickstart a comeback but were made to pay in the 73rd minute when Moschino curled the ball in to make it 3-0.

Perugia were definitely groggy at this point and Lazio didn't hold back, getting their fourth of the afternoon, in the 75th minute. On this occasion Chinaglia, instead of pouncing on a keeper's blunder, graciously conceded the goal to Facchin, who got his first ever goal for Lazio.

The best goal of the match however was yet to come. With only a minute left to play, Perugia's Riccardo Innocenti glided past the entire Lazio defence to score a superb goal. A mere consolation but thoroughly deserved by Perugia who had pushed Lazio hard for the whole game.

The match ended in a standing ovation from the Lazio fans. Lazio shot up to second place on 18 points, behind leaders Ternana. Chinaglia had scored again and promotion seemed a concrete possibility. As for Perugia the score line was a bit harsh but they had performed well and shown they could have another good season.

Who played for Lazio

Substitutes: Di Vincenzo

Manager: Maestrelli

Who played for Perugia

Grosso, Casati, Vanara, Volpi, Carlet, Morello, Innocenti, Traini, Urban, Mazzia, Tinaglia

Substitutes: Casagrande, Agretti

Manager: Mazzetti

Referee: Reggiani

Goals: 30' Chinaglia, 44' Abbondanza, 73' Moschino, 75' Facchin, 89' Innocenti



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