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Quick and fundamental win

Game 28, National Division

Sunday, June 2, 1929

Campo Rondinella, Rome

Lazio Reggiana 4-0

Lazio beat Reggiana and continue in their quest for eighth place, necessary to participate in next year’s first Serie A

Source Lazio Wiki

Lazio’s first three games were all defeats so Franz Sedlacek was sacked and in came former Lazio legend Fernando Saraceni. He did bring an improvement. At the end of the first 15 games the Biancocelesti had won three, drawn two and lost all the others. In came new manager Augusto Rangone. In the next 8 games Lazio won three and lost the others so Ferenc Molnar was appointed new manager. The Hungarian made a difference and Lazio won three games in a row (including beating Ambrosiana Inter) but had lost at Genoa the previous Sunday.


The top eight teams would play next season’s first Serie A. The Biancocelesti were eighth together with Napoli, one point ahead of Biellese and Venezia and two above Pistoiese.


The match


It took Lazio just seven minutes to close the game. In the 17th Carlo Cevenini V passed to Gino Lamon on the wing, cross into the box and Vaccari headed the ball in. Two minutes later it was Aroldo Vaccari, this time on the wing, to cross into the box, Aldo Spivach beat the Reggiana defenders and with a powerful header made it 2-0. Five more minutes and the Biancocelesti made it three. Lamon in the centre of the area dummied a shot but passed to Spivach who scored his brace.


Game practically over. Reggiana did not have the power to create anything and Lazio comfortably controlled the game. In the 49th minute Vaccari crossed low in the box and Spivach got his hat trick.


A great win for Lazio. Unfortunately, Napoli also won (against Biellese) but at least Venezia did not. It would be Lazio and Napoli until the end for the fundamental eight place.


Who played for Lazio


Sclavi, Saraceni II, Bottacini, Pardini, Valenti, Caimmi, Cevenini V, Lamon, Spivach, Bodrato, Vaccari

Manager: Molnar


Who played for Reggiana


Baldi, Boni, Fornaciari, Bottazzi, Bezzecchi, Bolognesi, Lombatti, Valeriani (II), Bertoli, Casanova, Bresciani

Manager: Ringer


Referee: Giorgio


Goals: 17’ Vaccari, 19’ Spivach, 24’ Spivach, 49’ Spivach




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