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Almost at the end Wilson breaks the Sampdoria defence

Updated: May 4

Game 2, Serie A

Sunday, October 14, 1973

Stadio Olimpico, Rome

Lazio Sampdoria 1-0

Captain Wilson managed to find the key to unlock the Doria wall almost at the end of the game scoring his first goal for the club

Source Lazio Wiki

Lazio had come into this game wanting to make minced meat out of Sampdoria who in turn decided to use the “catenaccio” to stop anything that moved. As a consequence the first half was rather boring with not much to note. The Biancocelesti were slow and confused. Luciano Re Cecconi and Mario Frustalupi rarely managed to make a decent pass and all the work by Franco Nanni and Renzo Garlaschelli was to no avail. Giorgio Chinaglia was completely cancelled out by his marker Nello Santin.

Things livened up in the second half. In the 51st minute Massimo Cacciatori was unable to hold the ball that slipped out of his hands following a header. Pier Paolo Manservisi tried to get to it but was tripped up in the box by Marcello Lippi. Referee Paolo Casarin was not persuaded. The fans started getting angry, also remembering that the previous season Casarin had not given two blatant penalties against Bologna. In the 69th minute Vincenzo D’Amico substituted the injured Luciano Re Cecconi and Lazio began playing better. In the 85th minute Chinaglia from the right sent in a great cross, Giovani Lodetti managed to head the ball but it became a great assist for Giuseppe Wilson who stopped and volleyed it into the net. His first goal for Lazio.

A minute later there was an altercation between Garlaschelli and two Samp players, Loris Boni and Domenico Arnuzzo, after the umpteenth foul. A fan ran onto the pitch trying to hit the referee but was blocked by the carabinieri.

A difficult win for the Biancocelesti. Many players still needed to find their form.

Who played for Lazio

Substitutes: Moriggi, Petrelli

Manager: Maestrelli

Who played for Sampdoria

Cacciatori, Santin, Rossinelli, Lodetti, Prini (48' Arnuzzo), Lippi, Badiani, Boni, Maraschi, Salvi, Improta.

Substitutes: Pellizzaro, Cristin.

Manager: Vincenzi.

Referee: Casarin

Goal: 85’ Wilson



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