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Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Game 38, Serie A

Sunday May 28, 1950

Stadio Nazionale, Rome

Lazio Venezia 2-0

A Puccinelli double secures Lazio win

Source SS Lazio Musuem

Venezia did everything they could to stop Lazio and bring home a point but the Biancocelesti, even though not playing particularly well, had players who could resolve a game at any moment and this is exactly what happened.

In the 13th minute Enrique Flamini got hold of the ball, advanced, passed it to Aldo Puccinelli who, with a powerful shot, put Lazio ahead.

Venezia tried to equalise but Lazio contained all their attacks and in the second half doubled the lead. In the 82nd minute Romolo Alzani passed the ball to Vittorio Sentimenti III who in turn passed it to Puccinelli about eight metres from goal. The little Lazio winger had no problem in making it 2-0 for Lazio.

Fiorentina lost, so Lazio were able to secure fourth place. An excellent season for the Biancocelesti.

Who played for Lazio

Manager: Sperone

Who played for Venezia

Caburlotto, Bellesini, Lucchi, Sandroni, Chiappin, Leduc, Massagrande, Nicolich, Golob, Renosto, Degano.

Manager: Fiorentini.

Referee: Casini

Goals: 13’ Puccinelli, 82’ Puccinelli


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