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An excellent point

Game 17, Serie B

Sunday December 26, 1971

Stadio Salinella, Taranto

Taranto Lazio 0-0

Thanks to Bandoni’s great saves, Lazio manage to pick up a point in Taranto

A really difficult match lay ahead for the Biancocelesti on this Boxing Day of 1971. Capacity crowd and many Lazio supporters were unable to get into the stadium.

Taranto started strongly and, in the 4th minute, a header from Bruno Beretti went just over the crossbar. In the 36th minute Luciano Aristei, from inside the box, gave the ball a big whack. Great save from Claudio Bandoni, Angelo Paina had the chance for the tap in but Mario Facco managed to save on the line. From the corner Paian tried again, the Lazio goalkeeper instinctively parried with his foot, Mario Biondi headed towards the goal but Bandoni again miraculously saved into corner.


The script did not change in the second half. Again, Bandoni was called to do extra work to parry a Beretti shot. In the 51st minute Lazio finally managed to break the siege with a corner taken by Alessandro Abbondanza, a Taranto player kicked the ball towards his own goal but defender Ambrogio Pelagalli managed to clear.


In the 58th minute Paina finally found the back of the net but the referee disallowed the goal due to a previous foul. Eight minutes later Taranto’s final effort with a Gian Carlo Morelli shot but nothing could beat Bandoni today.


The Apulian side took their foot off the accelerator in the last 15 minutes and Lazio could have exploited the chance. After a magnificent Carlo Facchin-Giorgio Chinaglia-Abbondanza play, the little Neapolitan found himself all alone in front of the goalkeeper, but Paolo Cimpel managed to save the point for the Tarantini.


A very difficult game for Lazio, lucky to have come back with a point and for this there was only one player to thank : Claudio Bandoni


Who played for Taranto


Cimpiel, Biondi, Colletta, Pelagalli, Cattaneo, Gagliardelli, Morelli, Aristei, Paina, Tartari, Beretti. 

Substitutes. Baroncini, Campidonico. 

Manager: Caciagli


Who played for Lazio


Substitutes: Di Vincenzo, Nanni

Manager: Maestrelli


Referee: Giunti




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