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What happened in Serie A 1947-48

Source Lazio Wiki

The previous season's title had been won by Torino with a comfortable ten point lead over Juventus. Modena were a surprising third. After the first half of the season Juventus had a one point lead over the Granata but in the second part, Torino took off and there was nothing anybody could do. Another surprise was the fact that Inter had arrived 10th and were for many weeks involved in the relegation battle. Three teams should have gone down to Serie B: Brescia. Venezia and Triestina. In the end however,  the latter was kept in Serie A for patriotic reasons.

The Triestina issue

When the Fascist regime collapsed in September 1943, the Germans had occupied Trieste but by the end of the War in 1945 the city had been liberated by the Yugoslav forces. In 1947 it had been declared a free state together with its surrounding areas. The Anglo-American forces had denied Triestina the possibility of playing in the city and the club was forced to play their Serie A games in Udine. They had come last in 1946-47, but since Amatori Ponziana were given the possibility to play in the Yugoslav league, the Italian Football Federation decided to do the same for Triestina, who were hence admitted to the 1947-48 Serie A.

But this created a problem. There were now 21 teams in the top tier. What was to be done? The Federation decided to keep the 21 teams so every Sunday one club would rest. This would be the only time Serie A was organised like this. Four teams would be relegated and only one promoted from Serie B.


The season kicked off on Sunday September 14 and after the first three games Juventus raced ahead followed by Fiorentina.

Juventus 6, Fiorentina 5, Torino 4, Inter 4, Livorno 4, Genoa 4, Milan 4, Bari 4, Bologna 3, Atalanta 3, Pro Patria 3, Salernitana 2*, Modena 2, Roma 2, Alessandria 2, Lazio 2, Vicenza 2, Lucchese 2, Triestina 1*, Sampdoria 1, Napoli 0*

*one game less


Torino now top followed by Inter. The Granata thrashed Roma 7-1 away (and it would not be the last time the Giallorossi lost by that score…), Inter beat Juventus 4-2 and the Turin derby finished 1-1.

Torino 11, Inter 10, Fiorentina 9, Juventus 9, Milan 9, Genoa 8, Bologna 8, Triestina 7*, Modena 7, Lazio 7, Salernitana 6*, Bari 6*, Livorno 6, Pro Patria 6, Vicenza 6, Alessandria 6, Roma 5*, Atalanta 5, Lucchese 4*, Sampdoria 3*, Napoli 2*

*one game less


Milan caught Torino up with Inter, Juventus and Bologna not too far off the top. Milan and Roma won the derbies and the Granata won 7-1 again this time at home against Salernitana.

Torino 16, Milan 16, Inter 14, Juventus 13*, Bologna 13, Triestina 12*, Salernitana 12, Fiorentina 11, Pro Patria 11, Modena 10*, Genoa 10, Alessandria 10, Roma 9*, Bari 9*, Vicenza 9*, Lazio 9, Livorno 9, Lucchese 8*, Atalanta 8, Sampdoria 7*, Napoli 6*

*one game less


Milan and Torino led but the Rossoneri had played one game less. They were followed by Inter and Juventus. Milan had thrashed the Bianconeri 5-0 and the Granata had demolished Inter by the same score.

Milan 20*, Torino 20, Inter 18, Juventus 16*, Bologna 16, Triestina 15*, Genoa 15, Fiorentina 14*, Salernitana 14, Roma 13*, Pro Patria 13, Livorno 13, Atalanta 12*, Bari 12*, Lazio 12, Alessandria 12, Modena 11*, Lucchese 11*, Vicenza 9*, Napoli 6*, Sampdoria 8*

*one game less


After the January games, Milan led by two points with a game in hand. Triestina were a surprise in fourth as Inter fell back a bit. The Rossoneri had crushed Bari 8-1 and beat the Granata 3-2. With four relegations there was a big battle to avoid relegation with Vicenza and Napoli a bit behind.

Milan 29, Torino 27*, Juventus 23, Triestina 23, Inter 22, Bologna 20, Fiorentina 20, Atalanta 19, Modena 19, Pro Patria 19, Roma 17, Lazio 17*, Genoa 16, Livorno 16, Alessandria 15, Salernitana 15, Lucchese 14, Sampdoria 13, Bari 13, Vicenza 12, Napoli 11

*one game more


Milan had gone off with the Great Torino now four points behind. They were followed by Juve and Triestina. Napoli in big trouble down below.

Milan 37, Torino 33, Juventus 29, Triestina 28*, Fiorentina 26, Inter 25, Atalanta 25, Bologna 24*, Modena 24, Pro Patria 22, Livorno 22, Roma 21, Sampdoria 19*, Lazio 19, Bari 19, Alessandria 18**, Lucchese 18*, Salernitana 17*, Vicenza 17*, Genoa 17, Napoli 14*

*one game less

** two games less


Milan lost to Genoa and Bologna and drew with Triestina, so Torino joined them as leaders. The Turin derby finished in a draw. Behind there was a large group of teams (6) on 22 points and all, except Genoa, had a game in hand, so also Lazio, Livorno and Pro Patria had to be considered involved in the relegation battle.

Torino 40, Milan 40, Triestina 33*, Juventus 33, Bologna 31, Fiorentina 30, Atalanta 29, Modena 29, Inter 27, Pro Patria 25, Livorno 25, Lazio 24, Sampdoria 23**, Alessandria 22*, Roma 22*, Salernitana 22*, Bari 22*, Lucchese 22*, Genoa 22, Vicenza 19, Napoli 18*

*one game less

** two games less


Milan won the derby but then lost at Bergamo and drew with Roma so now Torino had a 3 point lead. Triestina were continuing to do well and now had two points over fourth placed Juventus plus a game in hand. Lazio won the derby and Roma continued to be involved in the relegation battle. Napoli and Vicenza had one foot in Serie B.

Torino 46, Milan 43, Triestina 37*, Juventus 35, Bologna 35, Atalanta 34, Fiorentina 33, Modena 32*, Inter 29, Lazio 29, Pro Patria 28, Livorno 27, Sampdoria 25*, Genoa 25*, Roma 24*, Salernitana 24*, Bari 24*, Lucchese 24*, Alessandria 24, Napoli 21*, Vicenza 21

*one game less


Milan in free fall as Torino won the scudetto in style. They crushed Alessandria 10-0 and won the scudetto beating Lazio 4-3 after being 3-0 down. Five games to go and behind anything could still happen, even though it was probably too late for Vicenza.

Torino 57*, Milan 45, Juventus 44, Triestina 43, Modena 39, Atalanta 38, Bologna 38, Fiorentina 37, Pro Patria 36*, Genoa 33, Inter 33*, Lazio 33*, Roma 32, Livorno 32, Sampdoria 31, Bari 31, Lucchese 30, Napoli 28, Salernitana 28, Alessandria 28*, Vicenza 24

*one game more

June and July

Juventus and Triestina caught up with Milan and all three shared second place.

The last five games were only interesting for the relegation battle.

With three matches to the end Vicenza were relegated and for the other three places it was a fight between Sampdoria and Roma on 32, Napoli and Salernitana 30, Alessandria 29.

With two matches to go, Roma and Samp drew, Salernitana won, Napoli lost and Alessandria rested. The decisive match was Roma-Salernitana on the following Sunday. The Giallorossi won so with one game to the end of the season Napoli, Salernitana and Alessandria joined Vicenza in Serie B.

Top scorer was Giampiero Boniperti (Juventus) with 27 goals. Novara were the only team promoted to Serie A.

Torino 65, Milan 49, Juventus 49, Triestina 49, Atalanta  44, Modena 44, Fiorentina 41, Pro Patria 40, Bologna 40, Lazio 39, Bari 38, Inter 37, Genoa 37, Sampdoria 36, Livorno 36, Lucchese 36, Roma 35, Napoli 34, Salernitana 34, Alessandria 31, Vicenza 26


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