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1947-48 Overview

Source Lazio Wiki

The previous season under manager Tony Cargnelli Lazio had arrived 10th. Not much was expected since the club was still struggling financially after the end of the Second World War so the objective was to avoid relegation and that was achieved. For this year it was hoped that things could improve and the arrival of Sergio Piacentini, Leandro Remonidini and Romano Penzo gave way to a little optimism. Cargnelli had been confirmed.

This season would be a strange one. 21 teams, four relegations, each team would have a rest day.

Lazio started with two defeats, at home against Milan for 2-1 and away to Salernitana, but in the next four games they won three, Modena, Pro Patria and Inter, and drew one in Naples. After six games they were fifth. But then came 8 games without a win, including a defeat in the derby. At the end of 1947 they were 13th , just one point above the relegation zone.

January 1 1948 saw the first win in two and a half months, against Lucchese followed by a draw against the great Torino at home, a loss away at Vicenza and a win at home against Alessandria. The two defeats in Florence and against Sampdoria were the end of the Cargnelli reign as he was sacked. At the end of the first half of the season Lazio were 13th, two points above relegation zone, but a lot more was expected.

Orlando Tognotti was called in as new manager and the situation improved. In the next seven matches Lazio won twice (Salernitana and Genoa), drew four times, including against Juventus at home and Inter away, and lost only once against Modena. Before the return derby they were 12th.

Lazio beat Roma comfortably 2-0 showing a vast superiority particularly physically. In the next eight games Lazio won four (Triestina, Livorno, Bologna and Vicenza) and lost four, including a disastrous 5-0 at Bergamo and a 4-3 against future champions Torino, despite being 3-0 up after 20 minutes. With three games to go, Lazio had climbed up to tenth place and this is where they finished at the end of the season thanks to two draws at Alessandria and at home to Sampdoria plus a 5-0 win over Fiorentina.

On the whole it was a disappointing season, particularly away from home: one win (against Roma!!!), seven draws and 12 defeats. This was mirrored by the home results: 12 wins, six draws and two losses. As a consequence fairly even all round, but seeing the players purchased in the summer, more was expected.

Player with most appearances: Romulo Alzani, 37

Top scorer: Romano Penzo, 17

Player with most red cards: Alessandro Ferri, 3


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