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Standing ovation for Lazio

Updated: Feb 7

Game 8, Serie B

Sunday, October 31, 1982

Stadio Comunale, Bari

Bari Lazio 0-3

A 3-0 away triumph as Lazio leave the field applauded by both sets of fans

A mild, cloudy day in the south -east brought 20,000 spectators to the old Stadio della Vittoria.

Bari had signed former forward Fabrizio Lucchi back in the October market window and today also had Valerio Majo back from injury. Lazio had no absences apart from Roberto Tavola.

Lazio started very compact and looked sharp, threatening on the break. Bari were slower and had difficulty creating dangers. In the 8th minute came Lazio's first chance. A Vincenzo D'Amico cross was headed by Renato Miele to Claudio Ambu who coordinated well and went for a spectacular bicycle kick but it shaved the crossbar.

In the 13th minute Bari reacted but Carmelo Bagnato, put through by Lucchi, struck his low powerful effort too central and Orsi blocked.

In the 17th minute Ambu missed a sitter. Teed up by Bruno Giordano, he found himself one-on-one with the keeper in a central position but miskicked his lob.

In the 18th minute Lazio were forced to make a replacement as Roberto Badiani hobbled off and on came Michele De Nadai.

The rest of the first half was evenly poised but Lazio seemed better organised. The Lazio defence was excellent and the impression was that sooner or later they would have more chances to strike on the break. Halftime Bari 0 Lazio 0.

For the second half the "Galletti" took off Majo, who lacked match fitness, and threw on Cuccovillo.

Lazio struck almost immediately. In the 48th minute the Biancocelesti were awarded a free kick a metre outside the area, for a foul by Armenise on Ambu. D'Amico touched the ball to De Nadai whose low left footed shot beat Fantini to his left. Bari 0 Lazio 1.

At this point Lazio were in the ideal tactical situation. Bari attacking head down, a solid Lazio defence and quick counter attacks for Giordano. The Roman striker went close several times, he hit a crossbar on a free kick, was denied by a brilliant Fantini save and had a couple of efforts go just wide. Bari's only chance came when Carlo Bresciani had a go but his shot was wide.

Lazio were in control and finally got a second in the 83rd minute. Giordano dribbled past Nicola Caricola and shot, but from a difficult angle, Fantini saved, the ball came back to Bruno-gol who squared the ball back into the middle of the area where Ambu slammed in a left footed volley for an excellent goal. Bari 0 Lazio 2.

The Bari fans were by now showing their disapproval of their side's performance and heavily contesting their President Antonio Mattarese. Their whistles and protests were soon transformed into applause... but for Lazio and Giordano. In the 89th minute on the break again Giordano surged forward, on a D'Amico assist, went around the keeper and slotted in a low right foot which a lunging defender could not keep out. Bari 0 Lazio 3. The locals stood up and clapped, paying tribute to Lazio's performance but also as a dig at their team's poor showing.

Things were looking good for Lazio. A good win with a steel defence, Manfredonia dominant in midfield and Giordano world class up front.

Who played for Bari

Fantini, Acerbis, Armenise, O. Loseto (71' De Rosa), Caricola, De Trizio, Bagnato, Majo (46' Cuccovillo), De Tommasi, Lucchi, Bresciani

Substitutes: Caffaro, G. Loseto, De Martino

Manager: Catuzzi

Who played for Lazio

Substitutes: Moscatelli, Pochesci, Spinozzi, Surro

Manager: Clagluna

Referee: Pairetto

Goals: 48' De Nadai, 83' Ambu, 89' Giordano



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