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A win for Octavio

Updated: May 24

Game 16, Serie A

Sunday, February 10, 1935

Stadio di Villa Chayes, Livorno

Livorno Lazio 0-2

Lazio, still shocked after the death of Fantoni II, beat Livorno away

Source Lazio Wiki

The season had started very well. After the first five games, Lazio had won them all except one, beating Livorno 6-1 and Juventus 5-3, and were top of the table together with Fiorentina. But after the draw in the derby, the Biancocelesti lost four consecutive games. Then they won three out of four and lost the last match of the first half of the season 1-0 against Ambrosiana Inter. They were sixth together with Triestina.

Two days before this match, Ottavio Fantoni II, cousin of Joao Fantoni I, died. During the game against Torino on January 20 he injured his nose. It seemed nothing particularly serious but the injury caused an infection and after two weeks of great suffering, he passed away.

The match at Livorno was the first game of the second half of the season. Lazio played with a mourning band in memory of Fantoni II. They had asked to postpone the game, but Livorno had refused.

The match

Livorno decided to play with the wind behind them in the first half and immediately attacked the Biancoceleste fort. Giacomo Neri had an incredible chance in the first minute, he was unmarked in front of Giacomo Blason but his shot went wide. Then in the 8th minute Ulises Uslenghi shot over the crossbar and shortly after Bruno Arcari received the ball back to the goal, turned around but shot straight at the keeper. Then Neri had a chance from a very angled position, but his shot bounced off the top of the crossbar. In the 20th minute Arcari missed again after a splendid low cross from Neri.

Lazio, crushed by their opponents in the early stages of the first half, managed to stick their head out but Virgilio Felice Levratto’s shot was saved by Loris Borgioli and Antonio Bisigato’s was wide. In the 30th minute Blason saved again, this time on an Uslenghi shot. Four minutes later, Neri, all alone in front of the Biancoceleste keeper, sent the ball over the crossbar.

In the 40th minute, Lazio scored. Silvio Piola passed to Levratto who from the by-line crossed towards the centre of the box. Splendid header from Luigi Uneddu and 1-0 for Lazio.

In the 44th minute it should have been 2-0. Piola took a free kick which hit the post. The ball reached Levratto who had an open goal chance, but Borgioli managed to get back into position and save into corner.

Lazio started the second half a lot stronger looking for a second. In the 48th minute a deflection off a Bisgato shot was fundamental in preventing the Biancocelesti from increasing their tally. In the 52nd minute, Piola to Alejandro Demaria, Borgioli saved. Two minutes later Arcari had yet another chance to score but his header was too high. In the 57th minute Armando Bertagni got injured and had to leave the pitch. He would come back on but was in no condition to play. Livorno tried to get back into the game but without any lucidity.

In the 68th minute Piola and Demaria managed to get past the Livorno defence but fumbled in the decisive moment. Two minutes later Livorno should have equalised but Giulio Cappelli missed an easy chance. Arcari continued to shoot wide or too high, a really bad day in the office for the Livorno centre-forward.

In the 78th minute a possible game changer. Demaria arrived a little late in a tackle on Francisco Garaffa and was sent off. It did change the game for Livorno but for the worse. In the 85th minute, Bisigato to Levratto who passed to Piola. The great centre-forward dribbled past José Agosto and Vando Persia and from outside the box sent a missile towards the goal that Borgioli could not stop. Livorno 0 Lazio 2.

The Biancocelesti, already with Bertagni limping on the pitch, lost Attilio Ferraris IV, hit hard by Nicola Ferrara I. The Livornese continued to play dirty and Garaffa tried to end Piola’s footballing career. The ref mistakenly sent off Cappelli. In injury time, last chance for Livorno but Arcari hit the woodwork.

A tough match but Lazio won deservedly.

Who played for Livorno

Borgioli, Persia, Monza II, Agosto, Uslenghi, Garraffa, Neri, Ferrara, Arcari IV, Cappelli

Manager: Hansel


Who played for Lazio


Manager: Alt


Referee: Scorzoni


Goals: 40’ Uneddu, 85’ Piola



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