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No easy games in Serie A

Game 25, Serie A

Sunday, April 1, 1984

Stadio La Favorita, Palermo

Catania Lazio 1-1

Catania despite being doomed and backed by a particularly hostile crowd force Lazio to settle for a point

Source Lazio Wiki

A sparse crowd of 5,000 were present at La Favorita. The few who were there however were vociferous and hostile to Lazio, remembering their recent clashes with the Romans, especially last year's promotion clash in Rome. Even the Roman journalists in the press box were not made particularly welcome.


The Catanesi soon made their intentions clear with two dirty fouls on Lionello Manfredonia within the first minute, followed by oranges thrown at the midfielder from the stands. This was definitely not a friendly.


The game continued with Lazio more technical and classier while Catania were more physical and practical.


Catania somewhat unexpectedly took the lead in the 19th minute. Fortunato Torrisi to Maurizio Giovanelli whose cross was headed clear by Manfredonia but only as far as Andrea Carnevale who hammered a left footed strike past Fernando Orsi. Catania 1 Lazio 0. The fans went wild and dreamt of taking Lazio down with them, chanting "Serie B, Serie B" at the Romans. 


Lazio struggled to have any sustained pressure and the first half ended with the "Elefanti" in front.


In the second half Lazio attacked more, albeit without managing to create any real danger. In the 58th minute Claudio Vinazzani was taken off for a striker, Mauro Meluso.


In the 61st minute however, it was the Rossoazzurri who had a huge chance to double their lead. Carnevale went on a good run and perfectly set up Aldo Cantarutti with only Orsi to beat. The former Lazio striker tried a lob but put it over the bar. A bad miss by the big striker from Friuli.


Five minutes later Lazio equalised. Meluso was fouled by Damiano Morra in the area and the referee pointed to the penalty spot. The home crowd in exile saw it differently and all sorts of objects flew down on the pitch. When order was restored Vincenzo D'Amico coolly slotted in a low spot kick to Roberto Sorrentino's left. Catania 1 Lazio 1.


At this point the home crowd threw everything they had left onto the field: the rest of their packed lunches, oranges, plastic bottles, coins and even large stones. The game had to be interrupted for about ten minutes.


Eventually, thanks to the help of the Catania players themselves the game could restart.


It did not have much more to say except for a penalty appeal by Lazio for another foul on Meluso. The referee, probably thinking of his well-being and his family, maybe wisely gestured to play on.


The two teams equally wisely seemed to play in a more sportsmanlike fashion in the last minutes, they too thought of getting out of the stadium in one piece. Final score Catania 1 Lazio 1.


No revenge for the Sicilians while Lazio seeing the atmosphere and how the game had panned out were reasonably pleased with the point.


There was nevertheless not great news from the other fixtures. Napoli had surprisingly beaten Milan 2-0 away, Genoa had beaten Ascoli 1-0 at home, Avellino had beaten Verona 1-0 at home while Pisa had got a point at home against high flying Torino.


The new table read: Catania 11, Genoa 17, Pisa 19, Lazio 20, Napoli 21, Avellino 23. Next up was a difficult away trip to third placed Fiorentina.


Who played for Catania

Sorrentino, Ranieri, Pedrinho, Giovanelli, Mosti, Gregori, Morra, Torrisi (65' Chinellato), Cantarutti, Luvanor (76' Crialesi), Carnevale

Substitutes: Costa, Sabadini, Ciampoli

Manager: G.B Fabbri


Who played for Lazio

Manager: Carosi


Referee: Pairetto

Goals: 19' Carnevale, 66' D'Amico (pen)



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