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Two points in the Zac for clinical Lazio

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Game 11, Serie B

Sunday, November 21, 1982

Stadio Pino Zaccheria, Foggia

Foggia Lazio 0-2

Foggia attack and create chances for 90 minutes but Lazio score and snatch points

Foggia's symbol is the devil and the team are known as the “Satanelli” (little satans) but some locals must have thought Lazio's eagle had some satanic qualities judging by the manner the Romans took home the 2 points.

Lazio took an early lead after only 8 minutes through a Navone own goal. From then on it was one furious attack after another by the spirited “Satanelli”. Lazio were forced to dig deep as Foggia relentlessly pushed forward. They had several chances, hitting two posts and giving keeper Fernando Orsi a particularly busy afternoon.

The second half saw much of the same script, as Foggia desperately looked for an equaliser. They had more chances, especially with youngster Marco Calonaci, but it was not to be and the more experienced Lazio side took advantage of their second dangerous counter attack with a well taken goal by Bruno Giordano. Foggia had been pushing more and more men forward and were punished for their generosity with five minutes remaining on the clock. A clever ball by Vincenzo D'Amico put “Bruno gol” through with only the keeper to beat, which he duly did with a neat finish.

The story of the encounter was one of constant Foggia attacks with posts, goal line scrambles, near misses and saves but it was Lazio's day and they got the all important goals. A clinical performance by Lazio who obtained their 5th consecutive win and, cherry on the cake, went top of the table overtaking AC Milan.

The local fans understandably saw it "slightly" differently and the chants of "ladri ladri" (thieves) echoed around the Zaccheria long after Lazio had set off with the 2 points in their sack on their way back to Rome.

Who played for Foggia

Laveneziana, Barella, Maritozzi, Tormen, Petruzzelli, Sassarini, Cini, Morsia (Conca 86'), Bordon, Navone (Caravella 70'), Calonaci

Substitutes: Mattolini, Rocca, Redeghieri

Manager: Leonardi

Who played for Lazio

Substitutes: Moscatelli, Spinozzi, Surro, Chiodi

Manager: Clagluna

Referee: D'Elia

Goals: 8' Navone (og), 85' Giordano.



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