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Fourth consecutive win as Lazio conquer Naples

Updated: Jul 6

Game 4, National Championship, South Division, Interregional Semi-Final Group B

Sunday, May 27, 1923

Stadio Militare dell'Arenaccia, Naples

Internaples Lazio 0-3

Despite the misleading final score, a hard-fought match eases Lazio towards Lega Sud Final and potential national glory

Lazio had won the Lazio regional group with 8 wins, 1 draw and one defeat. They had therefore progressed to the Lega Sud Interregional Semifinal group consisting of four teams (Internaples, Libertas Palermo and Ideale Bari). Lazio had won all three matches so far (Internaples 4-0, Libertas Palermo 3-2 and Ideale Bari 3-0) and Internaples lost all three.

Today was the first of the three return matches to decide who progressed to the Lega Sud Final. Lazio were clear favourites.

A big crowd turned out for this match, on a hot May day.

The Neapolitans came out on the attack. Lazio goalkeeper Ettore Agazzani immediately showed his good form with several excellent saves. He was then lucky when Vincenzo Valente hit the post from close range, the ball then reached Osvaldo Sacchi who, with the keeper down, managed to hit the same post again.

After these initial threats, Lazio changed gear and started to react. The Romans became increasingly dangerous with swift moves by top scorer Fulvio Bernardini, Augusto Faccani, Dante Filippi and Aldo Fraschetti. In the 13th minute Lazio took the lead. Pio Maneschi skilfully went round defender Claar II and scored, 1-0 Lazio.

After this lively start the game slowed down. It remained balanced but without the intensity and goal scoring chances of the opening fifteen minutes. Half time Internaples 0 Lazio 1.

The second half too saw Lazio unable to show their superiority and the game remained open. Internaples increasingly pushed forward looking for an equaliser. In the 78th minute a big chance came to Sacchi but Agazzani saved. Then, a minute later, came a huge opportunity for the Campani. The referee awarded a penalty for an infringement by Ugo Dosio. Swiss Jean Steiger stepped up but Agazzini pulled off an excellent save (Steiger would later be one of newly formed Napoli's early managers in 1927).

The missed penalty completely demoralised the locals. Their heads dropped and Lazio took advantage. In the 83rd minute Maneschi got his second and doubled Lazio’s lead. Two minutes later "Fuffo" Bernardini definitely closed the contest.

The score line was flattering for Lazio. It had been far from easy but the important thing was their fourth consecutive win. They were on target for possible national glory. Special mentions were due to Fernando Saraceni I and Dosio, who had defended brilliantly, and of course to Agazzini.

Who played for Napoli

Cavalli, Steiger, Claar II, Fiori, Jaquinto, Cafaggi, Fariello, Ghisi II, Pastore, Gigliesi, Sacchi

Who played for Lazio

Manager: Baccani

Referee: Lucignano

Goals: 13' Maneschi, 83' Maneschi, 85' Bernardini



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