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Dusk for Alba

Season 1943-44

Game 10, Roman War Championship

Sunday, March 12, 1944

Stadio Rondinella, Rome

Lazio Alba 3-0

Lazio come to terms with the wet pitch and score three in the second half

Source SS Lazio Museum

For the 1943-44 season Serie A had been suspended due to the Second World War. Instead of a national tournament, local competitions had been organised. In Rome, there was the war championship with ten teams.

So far, the Biancocelesti were second, one point behind Roma and one ahead of Tirrenia.

The match

The game was played on a rain drenched pitch, hence it was difficult to control the ball. There were large puddles in some parts. The two teams did try to play and the first half was good, with the ball moving from one side of the pitch to the other. In the 34th minute Erminio Battaglia with a great reflex managed to anticipate Umberto Lombardini. Otherwise play stationed mainly at midfield.

All three goals were scored in the second half. In the 57th minute, Armando Longhi sent a ball in the box, Oddi tried to clear but it only reached Henglebert Koenig who shot. Polverani saved on the line and the Lazio forward was ready for the tap in.

Seven minutes later Longhi scored. The linesman had raised his flag due to a possible off-side, but the referee did not agree and the goal was confirmed despite protests from the visitors. Lombardini made it 3-0 in the 78th minute.

Lazio could then have scored even more goals, but the result did not change.

Who played for Lazio


Rega, Valenti, De Pierro, Gualtieri, Andreolo, Risso, Mancini, Longhi, Lombardini, Manola, Koenig

Manager: Canestri

Who played for Alba

Battaglia, Polverani, Trombetta, Roberti, Dell'Innocenti, Oddi, Piatti, Testoni, Argentieri, Urilli, Sabatini

Manager: Tognotti


Referee: Cappucci


Goals: 57’ Koenig, 64’ Longhi, 78’ Lombardini




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