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Champions of Rome

Game 18, Roman War Championship

Saturday, May 27, 1944

Stadio PNF, Rome

Lazio Trastevere 8-0

An easy win over Trastevere gives Lazio Roman War League victory

Source Lazio Wiki

This year the manager was Dino Canestri but the war had interrupted football at a national level. There were only tournaments being played at regional level. Lazio took part in the first "Campionato romano di guerra" (Roman War League). It consisted of ten teams and ran from December to June.

The format was that the top four would then qualify for another final four-team tournament. So far Lazio had won 13 and drawn 4 (both games against Roma). Lazio had scored 52 goals and conceded 8. Lazio were top of the table, one point ahead of Roma.


If Lazio won today, they were champions, of Rome at least.


The match

A crowd of 4,000 was present. It was May 27 and the Roman periphery had suffered heavy bombing over the last two days.


It was a hot day in the capital and this could explain Lazio’s initial apathy. They did not seem their usual selves, lacking fluidity and movement off the ball.


The Biancocelesti had chances but without the necessary urgency. Umberto Lombardini was denied by Arduini a couple of times and Petar Manola, Armando Longhi and Henglebert Koenig were all off target. Trastevere had a few chances of their own but Rizzitelli was not accurate in his shooting.


Then within two minutes Lazio practically wrapped up the game. In the 38th minute Giuseppe Mancini fed Lombardini who turned on himself, went past a couple of defenders and blasted a shot that Arduini was unable to keep hold of. One minute later Angelo Pomponi handballed a Mancini cross for a penalty which Koenig put away. Lazio 2 Trastevere 0.


From this point the visitors' heads dropped and Lazio dominated but did not build on the score before halftime.


The second half was so one sided that there's only space to describe the goals. In the 59th minute Lombardini made it three with a low left footed strike. 3-0.


Three minutes later Arduini misjudged a corner and Mancini volleyed in, 4-0.


In the 64th minute Lombardini got his hat-trick. He dribbled his way through the Trasteverini's defence and scored from close range, 5-0.


A minute later came the visitors only shot on target of the second half when a Pomponi effort was saved by Rega.


In the 66th minute Koenig scored from tight angle near the by-line catching the keeper by surprise, 6-0 and fourth goal in seven minutes.


In the 79th minute Longhi got on the score sheet too. He made it seven with a powerful long-range strike, 7-0.


Longhi then got his brace in the 85th minute but this time with the complicity of the keeper who should have stopped it. Lazio 8 Trastevere 0.


There was no time for any more goals. The crowd applauded Lazio off the field after having given them flowers to congratulate them on their success in the league.


Who played for Lazio

Rega I, Valenti, De Pierro, Gualtieri, Andreolo, Manfré I, Mancini, Longhi I, Lombardini, Manola, Koenig

Manager: Canestri


Who played for Trastevere

Arduini, Centomini, Pomponi, Ripanti, Felici, Magrelli, Lanzi, Tugnoli, Rizzitelli, Fornari, Pierangeli


Referee: Schillaci

Goals: 38' Lombardini, 39' Koenig (pen), 59' Lombardini, 62' Mancini, 64' Lombardini, 66' Koenig, 79' Longhi, 85' Longhi




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