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One point to go

Updated: Apr 1

Game 29, Serie A

Sunday, May 6, 1984

Stadio Olimpico, Rome

Lazio Ascoli 2-1

Lazio beat Ascoli and now need only one more point in the last game at Pisa to avoid relegation

Before this match the relegation situation was as follows: Catania last on 11 points and relegated, Pisa 21, Genoa and Lazio 22, Avellino and Napoli 24. Ascoli were safe on 29 points and had nothing more to ask from the season.

The stadium was absolutely packed, 60,000 spectators, and it was very hot.

It was an exciting first half. Lazio pressed Ascoli who only had Juary in attack but he was more than enough to keep the Lazio defence in apprehension. On the other hand the Biancocelesti had a few opportunities with Mario Piga, Michael Laudrup, Lionello Manfredonia and Vincenzo D’Amico whose shot in the 30th minute was well saved by Luigi Muraro. In the 36th minute there was a free kick for Lazio on the edge of the penalty box on the right. Bruno Giordano’s shot was deflected off Enrico Nicolini’s shoulder. The ball went up in the air and flew into the goal. 1-0 for Lazio.

The joy did not last long. Seven minutes later there was a free kick for Ascoli. Giuseppe Greco’s shot hit the wall and reached Walter De Vecchi who shot again. The ball deflected by Giordano beat Nando Orsi.

The results at the end of the first half were not comforting. Pisa and Genoa were drawing, Avellino losing and Napoli winning.

The Biancocelesti came into the second half determined to get the two points. In the 48th minute Giordano received the ball just over the half way line and went forward. Paolo Pochesci managed to intercept but sent it towards the left in the box. Angelo Cupini flew towards the ball and shot. 2-1 for Lazio.

The game was basically over. Ascoli could not be bothered to push themselves and Lazio had no intention of provoking a spark in the Bianconeri. In the last minute though, Ascoli did have a chance with Antonio Dell’Oglio, but Orsi managed to parry.

In the end Pisa lost and Genoa drew. Pisa joined Catania in Serie B, Genoa were on 23 points and Lazio on 24. One point at Pisa would be enough because even if Genoa won, Lazio had the advantage of having beaten the Rossblu at home and drawn away.

Who played for Lazio

Substitutes: Cacciatori, Piscedda, Miele, Marini, Piconi

Manager: Carosi

Who played for Ascoli

L.Muraro, Mandorlini, Citterio, Perrone, Pochesci, Anzivino (68' Dell'Oglio), Novellino, De Vecchi, Juary (53' Borghi), Greco, E.Nicolini.

Substitutes: M.Schiavi, G.Iachini, D.Agostini.

Manager: Mazzone (Colautti was on the bench)

Referee: Barbaresco

Goals: 36’ E. Nicolini (og), 43’ Giordano (og), 48’ Cupini.



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