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A fair draw 

1979-80 Season

Game 16, Serie A

Sunday, January 13, 1980

Stadio Olimpico, Rome

Lazio Avellino 1-1

Avellino go ahead early on but Lazio react and earn a deserved point

Source Lazio Wiki

A cold, grey January afternoon in Rome with about 35,000 spectators in attendance.


Lazio were without defender Lionello Manfredonia, midfielder Aldo Nicoli and attacking winger Renzo Garlaschelli. They were replaced by Dario Pighin, Mauro Manzoni and young Enrico Todesco. For Avellino former Roma and Lazio midfielder Ciccio Cordova was missing.


In the last two matches Lazio had conceded a goal in the first minute and the 4th but today they did slightly better, not falling behind until the 6th. On a corner from the right the ball was missed in the air by a defender and it reached Stefano Pellegrini at the edge of the box, the Roma fan did not think twice and struck a shot which found Massimo Cacciatori too far off his line and flew over and in to his right. Lazio 0 Avellino 1.


Lazio reacted well and attacked constantly but the visitors were well organised defensively and even wasted a couple of opportunities on the break with Gianluca De Ponti and Claudio Pellegrini.


Lazio pushed but lacked lucidity when they reached the Irpini's area. A game changing moment could have come in the 26th minute. A Vincenzo D'Amico cross was clearly handled by Boscolo but the referee Casarin gestured to play on amidst furious Lazio protests.


Lazio were more dangerous down the left with a very active Filippo Citterio and Fernando Viola too was lively while Bruno Giordano seemed to still be affected by his recent hamstring injury. Half time Lazio 0 Avellino 1.


Lazio had pushed forward generously but without finding any openings in the Avellino bunker and were paying for their early defensive blunder.


The second half was pretty similar in pattern. Lazio had several shots but Ottorino Piotti was never forced to make any difficult saves. Citterio hammered a close-range volley over the bar, Viola fired wide with a left foot from outside the area and Giordano had a low left footed effort shave the post.


In the 73rd minute Avellino became even more buttoned up when they replaced the goal scorer Stefano Pellegrini with a defensive midfielder Lorenzo Ferrante.


Two minutes later, however, Lazio equalised. It took a great run by Giordano who beat his man inside the visitors half, burst down the right and into the area where he was tripped up by Salvatore Di Somma. This time Casarin pointed to the penalty spot. Giordano then took a thundering central spot kick which gave Piotti no chance. Lazio 1 Avellino 1.


A fairer score line which rewarded Lazio for their attacks albeit increasingly confused and individual. The result did not change again as both teams seemed reasonably pleased in the end with a point apiece.


Who played for Lazio

Substitutes: Avagliano, A. Lopez, Cenci

Manager: Lovati


Who played for Avellino

Piotti, Beruatto, Giovannone, Boscolo, Cattaneo, Di Somma, Piga, S. Pellegrini (73' Ferrante), C. Pellegrini, Valente, De Ponti

Substitutes: Stenta, Massa

Manager: Marchesi


Referee: Cesarin

Goals: 6' S. Pellegrini, 75' Giordano (pen)




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