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Meluso’s finest hour

Updated: Apr 1

Game 8, Serie A

Sunday, November 6, 1984

Stadio Olimpico, Rome

Lazio Avellino 2-1

Lazio manage to beat Avellino thanks to a Meluso brace

Source Lazio Wiki

Giancarlo Morrone decided to add young Mauro Meluso to the attack and place Michael Laudrup behind the forwards. Lazio started to put pressure on the Avellino’s defence right from the word go, but it was the Irpini who had the first chance of the match. Geronimo Barbadillo crossed inside the box, Daniele Bertoneri’s header was well saved by Nando Orsi.

In the 26th minute the Biancocelesti scored. Giancarlo Marini took a free kick close to the by-line on the right, cross into the area, Bruno Giordano headed the ball which hit Meluso and went in. Five minutes later, excellent low cross into the box from Joao Batista, Meluso anticipated the Avellino defence and made it two.

The young Lazio centre forward almost scored his hat trick on an assist from Laudrup, but he failed to score.

At this point Avellino started to move forward. Tagliaferri had a chance to reduce the deficit in the 38th minute but his shot was saved on the line by Gabriele Podavini. The Irpini’s goal arrived anyway five minutes later. Gianpietro Tagliaferri found Bertoneri who easily beat Orsi with the Lazio defence completely out of position.

In the second half Avellino launched the assault but Barbadillio and Bertoneri were denied by an excellent Orsi. Lazio were put under huge pressure but the Biancocelesti managed to get the two points. A little respite.

Who played for Lazio

Substitutes: Ielpo, Miele, Piraccini

Manager: Morrone

Who played for Avellino

Zaninelli, Osti (68' Maiellaro), Vullo, Schiavi (82' Lucci), Favero, Biagini, Barbadillo, Tagliaferri, Bertoneri, Colomba, Limido.

Substitutes: Paradisi, De Napoli, Salomoni.

Manager: Veneranda.

Referee: Paparesta

Goals: 26’ Meluso, 31’ Meluso, 43’ Bertoneri



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