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Piece of cake

Updated: May 8

Game 20, Serie A

Sunday, March 10, 1974

Stadio Olimpico, Rome

Lazio Cesena 2-0

Despite missing vital players, Lazio easily beat Cesena with goals from Chinaglia and Nanni in the first half.

Source Lazio Wiki

Lazio came into the match with three vital pieces missing: Sergio Petrelli, Luigi Martini and Luciano Re Cecconi were substituted by Luigi Polentes, Fausto Inselvini and Pierpaolo Manservisi.

Despite the difficulties, Lazio charged forward right from the word go and a Giorgio Chinaglia header went just wide. In the 25th minute the Lazio centre-forward was clearly fouled in the box but the referee was looking the other way. Five minutes later Cesena almost scored. Giuliano Bertarelli crossed from the left, Giancarlo Oddi could not intercept, and the ball fell to Giovanni Toschi. Felice Pulici managed to save with the help of the crossbar.

The danger translated into increased effort from the Biancocelesti and in the 32nd minute a Franco Nanni shot was saved in two attempts by Lamberto Boranga. Three minutes later Lazio scored. Long cross in the box from Mario Frustalupi, the ball reached Chinaglia who had no problem in beating the Cesena goalkeeper.

Five minutes later, Lazio made it two. Manservisi to Nanni who dummied a shot with his right foot to then shoot with his left. 2-0.

Cesena had a chance in the 43rd minute but Otello Catania’s shot went wide.

The second half was rather boring as Lazio decided to control the game and not push as hard. After a Renzo Garlaschelli header went just wide in the 50th minute, Cesena had a colossal chance in the 56th minute. Gian Luigi Savoldi, entered the penalty box, dribbled past Pulici but his shot was saved on the line by Giuseppe Wilson. The match ended with another Garlaschelli attempt, well saved by Boranga.

Lazio maintained the three-point lead.

Who played for Lazio

Substitutes: Moriggi, Facco

Manager: Maestrelli

Who played for Cesena

Boranga, Danova, Ammoniaci, Festa (62' Orlandi), Zaniboni, Cera, Catania, Brignani, Bertarelli, Savoldi (II), Toschi.

Substitutes: Mantovani, Braida.

Manager: Bersellini.

Referee: Agnolin

Goals: 35’ Chinaglia, 40’ Nanni

A couple of players of the Cesena team would go on to play for Lazio. Paolo Ammoniaci arrived in 1975 and played a total of 113 games for Lazio. Francesco Brignani also arrived in 1975 but only played 20 games.

Another two names must be mentioned. Manager Eugenio Bersellini would go on to win a scudetto and two Coppa Italia with Inter and another national cup with Sampdoria. Ariedo Braida, who was on the bench in this game, after quitting football became sports director. He would win everything possible with AC Milan and then work for Barcelona.



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