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Lazio come from behind to earn two crucial points in relegation battle

Updated: Apr 1

Game 18, Serie A

Sunday, January 29, 1984

Stadio Olimpico, Rome

Lazio Genoa 2-1

An extremely balanced game goes Lazio’s way thanks to second half goals by Manfredonia and D'Amico.

Source Lazio Wiki

A good crowd of 45,000 turned up on a sunny January afternoon for this relegation clash.

Genoa had a few absences through injury and suspension but Lazio were also still missing their top striker Bruno Giordano, out with a broken leg.

The first half was a lot more open than expected. Such important games are usually very tactical and closed. Today, however, Genoa came out controlling the tempo, possibly taking Lazio a little by surprise.

Genoa looked better organized and soon gained the upper hand in midfield with Roberto Policano, Paolo Benedetti and Mario Faccenda. In the 10th minute Policano hit the crossbar with a powerful shot. Lazio were less pleasing on the eye but made up for it with sheer determination and willpower, led by Lionello Manfredonia and Gabriele Podavini's forays. Their chances came from long range shots by Podavini, over the bar, and Giancarlo Marini, superbly saved by Silvano Martina.

The first goal of the game came just before halftime. In the 41st minute a cracking low shot from outside the box by Francesco Mileti beat Nando Orsi. At the break Lazio 0 Genoa 1.

The second half started and Genoa had an opportunity with Massimo Briaschi but his shot was blocked in a crowded area. In the 57th minute Lazio equalised. A high freekick from the left into the area was skilfully chested down by Manfredonia and hammered in from close range with his right foot. Lazio 1-Genoa 1.

Just over ten minutes later Lazio were in the lead. In the 67th minute Michael Laudrup went down the left side of the area and crossed, the ball was headed on by Mauro Meluso to Manfredonia who went past a defender but was pulled down. Penalty given and then put away by Vincenzo D'Amico with a perfect middle height spot kick. Lazio 2 Genoa 1.

Genoa obviously threw themselves into attack at this point and came close to equalising twice. First in the 72nd minute when a Mileti shot was cleared off the line by Marini and shortly after a Benedetti effort was brilliantly saved by Orsi.

Final score Lazio 2 Genoa 1. An absolutely crucial win for Lazio (it would turn out to be the decisive factor in May). The result was slightly flattering but Lazio had shown grit, passion and heart against a better organised and balanced team.

Who played for Lazio

Subs: Cacciatori, Miele, Piraccini, Piga

Manager: Carosi

Who played for Genoa

Martina, Canuti, Testoni (85' Bosetti), Faccenda, Romano II, Policano, R.Bergamaschi (68' Eloi), Mileti, Antonelli, P.Benedetti, Briaschi

Subs: N. Favaro, Eranio, Zannino

Manager: Simoni

Referee: D'Elia

Goals: 41' Mileti, 57' Manfredonia, 68' D'Amico (pen)



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