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What a comeback!!!!

Game 1, Serie A

Sunday September 10, 1950

Stadio Torino, Rome

Lazio Inter 3-3

Down 3-0 at the end of the first half, Lazio stage a remarkable comeback and manage to draw in the second half

Source Lazio Wiki

Today’s game was the first of the season.

The match

Up until a quarter of an hour to the end of the game, the match had been one sided. Lazio were without Francesco Antonazzi and Primo Sentimenti V and Inter had demolished the Biancocelesti. In the 14th minute Benito Lorenzi sent in a fantastic pass to Istvan Nyers who had no trouble beating Lucidio Sentimenti IV.

The Biancocelesti reacted and little Leoncino Unzain came close to equalising twice. But Inter were the much better team and in the 28th minute made it two when Lorenzi capitalised a great assist from Faas Wilkes. The Inter centre forward scored his double in the 43rd minute when he took advantage of a fumble in the Lazio defence.

Game over. Well at least that’s what the Nerazzurri thought and Lazio had not really given Inter any reason to doubt that the match was not ready to be archived. But in the second half, with nothing left to lose, the Biancocelesti started putting pressure on the Inter defence. At first timidly but as the game progressed, and the Nerazzurri were not reacting, Lazio began to believe they could at least get a goal. And this is what they did in the 72nd minute when Aldo Puccinelli with a low shot, thanks to an assist from Enrique Flamini, reduced the deficit. Inter had switched off the light a long time earlier so Lazio pushed and in the 81st minute Vittorio Sentimenti III beat Angelo Franzosi for the second time. The Biancoclesti equalised three minutes from the end again with Puccinelli.

A remarkable comeback by Lazio who, had they had a few more minutes, could have even scored a fourth!!!!

Who played for Lazio

Manager: Sperone

Who played for Inter

Franzosi, Blason, Padulazzi, Fattori, Giovannini, Achilli, Rossetti, Wilkes, Lorenzi, Miglioli, Nyers I

Manager: Olivieri

Referee: Galeati

Goals: 14 Nyers I, 28’ Lorenzi, 43’ Lorenzi, 72’ Puccinelli, 81’ Sentimenti III, 87’ Puccinelli



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