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Lazio take advantage of Milan in festive mood

Updated: Jul 11

Game 37, Serie A

Sunday June 10, 1951

Stadio San Siro, Milan

Milan Lazio 1-2

Lazio surprise Milan but the Rossoneri win the scudetto just the same

Source Lazio Wiki

The season had been positive, following in the footsteps of the previous one. At the end of the first half of the season they were fifth and now with two games to go to the end Lazio were fourth, behind the mighty powers of the north, Milan, Inter and Juventus. Milan needed just one point in the next two matches to win the scudetto.

The match

Everything was ready at San Siro to celebrate Milan’s scudetto. The Rossoneri had not won the championship since 1907, a long wait. Lazio were supposed to be the sacrificial lamb, but the Biancocelesti had no intention to sit back passively.

In the 13th minute, Lazio surprisingly went ahead. Mario Magrini interrupted a Milan offence and passed to Norbert Hofling. Ball to Aldo Puccinelli who crossed into the Milan box, Enrique Flamini’s volley gave Lazio their first goal.

Milan attacked and put enormous pressure on the Biancoceleste defence. In the 18th minute Gunnar Nordahl was fouled in the box, referee Guido Agnolin said play on, but Stefano Malacarne in falling tripped Renzo Burini. Penalty for Milan. Carlo Annovazzi took the spot kick, Lucidio Sentimenti IV moved a fraction early and was able to parry. The Milan forward was ready for the tap in but Romolo Alzani saved on the line.

In the 25th minute Milan equalised. One two Nils Liedholm-Gunnar Gren, ball to Nordahl and Milan 1 Lazio 1.

It looked like triumph was just round the corner for Milan but in the 39th minute Lazio went ahead again. Benigno De Grandi lost the ball, Puccinelli on the right crossed into the box, Lorenzo Buffon and Primo Sentimenti V went for it but the ball fell to Flamini who promptly shot at goal. Buffon managed to get a hand to it but as it was going in, Sentimenti V made sure it did. Milan 1 Lazio 2.

In the second half Milan put more pressure on Lazio but the Biancocelesti were able to build a wall in front of Sentimenti IV. The Lazio goalkeeper was able to parry a Gren shot and Lazio, despite being in ten men due to the sending off of Flavio Cecconi, had a chance with Hofling to make it three but Buffon saved.

A great win for Lazio and despair for Milan but this only lasted 20 minutes as in the changing rooms the Rossoneri heard that Torino had beaten Inter and so Milan had won the scudetto. Great joy, but it would have been better to celebrate on the pitch.

Who played for Milan

Buffon, Silvestri, Bonomi, Annovazzi, Tognon, De Grandi, Burini, Gren, Nordahl (III), Liedholm, Renosto (II).

Manager: Czeizler

Who played for Lazio

Manager: Sperone

Referee: Agnolin

Goals: 13’ Flamini, 25’ Nordahl III, 39’ Sentimenti V



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