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Lazio put Roma into trouble

Updated: Jul 11

Game 25, Serie A

Sunday, February 25, 1951

Stadio Torino, Rome

Lazio Roma 2-1

An early goal by Sentimenti III and a second by Cecconi inside the first 30 minutes were enough for Lazio to beat Roma

Source Lazio Wiki

The season so far had been positive. Lazio had won the derby, drawn against Inter after being down 3-0, Juventus and Milan who were a lot stronger than the Biancocelesti. Lazio were fifth and not too far off 4th place.

The match

Lazio scored on the first chance of the game in the 2nd minute. Cross from the right, Tommaso Maestrelli cleared the Roma box but in came Vittorio Sentimenti III who with a mighty whack put the ball behind Risorti. 1-0 for Lazio and quickest goal by Lazio in a derby (equalled only on April 11 2009 by Goran Pandev).

After missing a number of chances to double the score, Lazio made it 2-0 in the 33rd minute. Corner from the right, cross into the middle of the box and Flavio Cecconi, surrounded by Roma defenders, was able to easily head the ball into the goal. Roma timidly tried to get something organised and Giancarlo Bacci had a good chance but Lucidio Sentimenti IV saved.

In the second half, the Giallorossi woke up and started to press early. In the 57’ minute Maestrelli to Bacci, who this time scored and reduced Lazio’s advantage. The Biancocelesti fell back and Roma advanced. In the 83rd minute Renzo Merlin had a massive chance. Free kick for Roma, Sune Anderson crossed, Adriano Zecca managed to head the ball to Merlin, unmarked and with the goal unguarded, but his shot was too high. In the dying moments of the game, big skirmish in the Lazio penalty box but the ball went out.

Lazio won deservedly, Roma were in big trouble.

Who played for Lazio

Manager: Sperone

Who played for Roma

Risorti, K.Nordahl II, Eliani, Maestrelli, Tre Re, Venturi, Merlin, Zecca, Bacci, Andersson, Sundqvist.

Manager: Serantoni.

Referee: Silvano

Goals: 2’ Sentimenti III, 33, Cecconi, 57’ Bacci



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