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Lazio win Scudetto crunch match

Updated: May 4

Game 18, Serie A

Sunday, February 17, 1974

Stadio Olimpico, Rome

Lazio Juventus 3-1

A goal by Garlaschelli and a Chinaglia double put Lazio in driving seat for title

Source Lazio Wiki

A grey, rainy day but a packed stadium with a crowd of 76,000. The gates opened at 10 o'clock for a 2.30 kick-off.


Lazio were still without Luciano Re Cecconi while Juventus had Franco Causio out.


Lazio made it clear from the start that they were determined to win this match. They attacked furiously from the word go.


In the 5th minute they were already in the lead. Giorgio Chinaglia tried a shot but it was blocked by defender Francesco Morini, the ball reached Franco Nanni who had a go himself but again the ball was blocked and ricocheted out on the right side of the area where Renzo Garlaschelli, third time lucky, beat Dino Zoff with a cross goal strike. Lazio 1 Juventus 0.


A dream start by the Biancocelesti who were rampant and continued attacking.


In the 15th minute Lazio were denied a clear penalty when Chinaglia, teed up by Vincenzo D'Amico was fouled by Morini but not according to the referee.


In the 20th minute after a one-two between Sergio Petrelli and Nanni, the fullback shaved the post with a low strike.


In the 28th minute Lazio scored again. A blistering Chinaglia low free kick gave Zoff no chance. Lazio 2 Juventus 0.


The visitors at this point tried to react but it was not until just before halftime that they actually had a shot towards goal. A Pietro Anastasi effort hit the side netting.


Then it was Lazio again but D'Amico was too altruistic and instead of shooting from a good position he tried to find Chinaglia and the chance was wasted.


Two nil at the break and Lazio went off to enthusiastic applause from their supporters.


For the second half Juventus took off a worse for wear Giuseppe Furino and put on a more attacking midfielder, Fernando Viola.


The game restarted with an immediate potential game changer. Petrelli mishit a pass and gave the ball away to Claudio Gentile, the Libyan born defender was then fouled by Giuseppe Wilson just before entering the area but then falling inside it. The referee however incredibly pointed to the penalty spot amid protests by the Lazio players. Antonello Cuccureddu hit a central spot kick, hoping Felice Pulici would dive one way or the other, but Felix stayed put and saved into corner with his knee and then, realising the ball was not in the back of the net, celebrated wildly.


In the 51st minute Chinaglia got past Morini and shot on the far post but Zoff was safe.


In the 55th minute the referee Panzino decided to be a protagonist again. He blew up for a penalty to Juventus for Petrelli lightly tugging José Altafini's arm. One Lazio fan was so angry he invaded the pitch but was promptly "looked after" by the Carabinieri. This time Anastasi stepped up and placed a good, medium height shot to Pulici's left. Lazio 2 Juventus 1.


Lazio reacted as if they had suffered a huge injustice and attacked head down. Chinaglia beat Zoff with a low shot but Sandro Salvadore cleared on the line and then Zoff conquered the ball.


In the 65th minute it was Lazio who were awarded a slightly generous penalty. Chinaglia was challenged by Morini and went down, the referee judged it a foul and pointed to the 11-metre spot. It was obviously "Long John" who took the ball and he then placed a low, central shot past Zoff. Lazio 3 Juventus 1.


The game remained lively and hard-fought despite there not being real goal scoring opportunities.


In the 72nd minute Petrelli limped off injured and was replaced by Luigi Polentes.


Juventus attacked but Lazio defended well. The only risk was in the 85th minute when Giancarlo Oddi saved brilliantly on the line from an Anastasi effort. Final score Lazio 3 Juventus 1.


A massive win for Lazio. There were still many games to go but the Biancocelesti had shown they were superior to the "Old Lady", at least today. They had dominated the first half and in the second had controlled Juventus' comeback well. The defence had been almost perfect, led by a superlative Pino Wilson.


At the end of the game both managers agreed it was still 50-50 for the title but Lazio now had a four-point advantage and the knowledge they were as good if not better than the Zebras. The Biancocelesti still had to watch Napoli too who were only three points behind.


Who played for Lazio

Substitutes: Moriggi, Manservisi

Manager: Maestrelli


Who played for Juventus

Zoff, Spinosi, Marchetti, Furino (46' Viola), Morini, Salvadore, Gentile, Cuccureddu, Anastasi, Capello, Altafini

Substitutes: Piloni, Bettega

Manager: Vycpálek


Referee: Panzino

Goals: 5' Garlaschelli, 27' Chinaglia, 55' Anastasi (pen), 66' Chinaglia (pen)



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