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Last second vital win

Game 21, Serie A

Sunday, March 2, 1941

Stadio PNF, Rome

Lazio Livorno 1-0

Thanks to a Flamini header five minutes from the end, Lazio beat Livorno

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The beginning of the season had not been a good one and after 6 games they were second from last. In the next 11 matches Lazio only earned 8 points and were still in 15th place. They had won just three games. Under new manager Dino Canestri, former player, in the next three games the Biancocelesti won one and drew two, the last game against the mighty Ambrosiana Inter who were second in the league. Lazio were still second from last but at least there was a little bit of optimism now.

The match

This match was a must win for Lazio. Whatever it took.

The game opened in the 19th minute when Vittorio Dagianti, who had moved to the right wing due to injury, sent a long ball into the box, which reached Enrique Flamini. Portus Silingardi tried to anticipate the Lazio forward but the Argentine went left and had an open goal opportunity. But Silvio Piola clumsily fell on top of El Flacco and the goalkeeper was able to clear. In the 30th minute chance for Livorno when Sergio Angelini arrived face to face with Uber Gradella but his shot was saved by the Biancoceleste keeper.

In the second half, in the 48th minute Dagianti crossed towards the left, Luigi Vettraino headed the ball to Piola who with another header hit the top of the crossbar. In the 57th minute Otello Zironi had the chance after Silingardi found himself in no man’s land after a clearance, but his shot was wide. In the 62nd minute Gradella was nothing short of miraculous on a shot from outside the box from Pietro Del Buono. In the 77th minute, big whack from Mario Zidaric, Gradella saved but allowed for a simple tap-in for Giovanni Civili who instead stopped to admire a flock of birds passing in the sky and Alfredo Monza was able to clear.

With five minutes to go, Salvador Gualtieri tried one last desperate cross in the box. There were 19 players in the penalty area, all Livorno and all Lazio except Gradella and two defenders. Silingardi tried to come out and punch the ball away but there were so many bodies that he missed. Flamini was the quickest to react and headed the ball in.

Game over and very precious victory for Lazio.

Who played for Lazio


Manager: Canestri


Who played for Livorno


Silingardi, Del Bianco, Del Buono, Spagnoli, Rossi, Bonino, Angelini, Stua, Civili, Zidarich, Cattaneo

Manager: Viola


Referee: Moretti


Goal: 85’ Flamini



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