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A lame game won by a cripple

Updated: Feb 5

Game 15, Serie A

Thursday, January 1, 1948

Stadio Nazionale, Rome

Lazio Lucchese 1-0

An injured and limping Remondini scores the winner in an uneventful game

Source Wikipedia

A cold but sunny New Year's Day in Rome for this mid-table clash. A sparse crowd of 7,000 had dragged themselves out after the night's celebrations.


Lazio had several absences including defender Sergio Piacentini, midfielders Flavio Cecconi and Mario Magrini, plus forward Romano Penzo.


The game was an intense battle from the start. It was hard fought, lively and fast. What was missing were goal scoring opportunities. Both sides took it in turns to have periods of pressure but without creating dangers. Lucchese probably attacked more but Lazio’s defence looked confident and solid. The first half ended with the inevitable score line Lazio 0 Lucchese 0.


The second half followed the same pattern. In the 65th minute came an event which was to prove decisive for the encounter's final outcome but not in the way one would have thought. Twenty minutes into the half, Lazio defender Leandro Remondini got injured and not being able to hold down his defensive role was moved out to the wing.


In the 68th minute Costantino De Andreis burst down the right wing and reaching the by-line put a low cross into the middle. It crossed the goal area with neither defenders nor forwards managing to touch it and finally reached, who else, but hobbling Remondini. The defender, forgotten and unmarked, even had time to stop the ball to put it onto his good foot before hammering it in. Lazio 1 Lucchese 0.


Lucchese's reaction was sterile and Lazio’s defence continued to hold firm until the final whistle. Lazio 1 Lucchese 0.


An unspectacular game lacking in quality and decided by the most unlikely of matchwinners. The newspapers of the time wrote that the match had been won by the "zoppo" (the cripple).


Two important points for Lazio while Lucchese slipped nearer the relegation zone.


Who played for Lazio

Manager: Cargnelli


Who played for Lucchese

Vellutini, Giovannini, Bertuccelli, Mezzadri, Salar, Giannotti, Roffi, Miniati, Nichelini, Rossellini, Conti

Manager: Cappelli


Referee: Agnolin

Goals: 68' Remondini




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