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A point but not much else

Game 13, Serie A

Sunday, March 11, 1984

Stadio Olimpico, Rome

Lazio Milan 0-0

A tactical and rough game without much goal action ends up goalless

Source SS Lazio Museum

A big crowd of 60,000 were present for this big match. Lazio were playing with black armbands in memory of historic director Luigi Bezzi who had recently passed away.


Lazio were still without injured Bruno Giordano and Lionello Manfredonia suspended while Milan were missing Eric Gerets and Oscar Damiani.


Both sides started off cautiously and the game was extremely blocked with more fouls than football.


The first shot at goal was Lazio’s from a central freekick after four minutes but Vincenzo D'Amico found the right power but not the precision and Ottorino Piotti caught it low. He then had a second freekick but it went wide.


Milan had no real chances, only potential ones but Fernando Orsi was safe on a couple of dangerous crosses.


The game was unspectacular but rough with several tough and dirty tackles. In the 35th minute Massimo Piscedda was forced off injured and replaced by Renato Miele. Franco Baresi also came out worse for wear from a challenge, twisting his knee. Half time Lazio 0 Milan 0.


The big crowd were not getting much value for their money so far.


For the second half Baresi did not reappear and was replaced by Luciano Spinosi.


The break did not change the team's game plans and there was little to get excited about in the second 45 minutes either.


Michael Laudrup showed his skills a few times but on his most dangerous run D'Amico was just anticipated before shooting.


Milan had a Giuseppe Incocciati goal disallowed for offside and then towards the end of the 90 minutes had a colossal chance to steal the two points. Andrea Icardi was freed on the right-hand side of the area and squared a perfect ball to Vinicio Verza, no more than five metres out in front of goal, but the midfielder astonishingly blasted it over the bar. An opportunity easier to score than miss but, thankfully for Lazio, the former Juventus player had gone for the difficult option. Final score Lazio 0 Milan 0.


A very tactical game with a lot of running and physicality but not much action. A disappointing spectacle for the 60,000 faithful.

A point however was better than nothing for Lazio who late on had also been seriously let off with Verza missing a sitter. One worry was Piscedda's injury and Claudio Vinazzani's booking which would lead to a suspension in a midfield already missing Manfredonia.


Some good news however came from the other matches, Pisa, Napoli and Genoa had lost while Avellino had drawn. The table now read Catania 10, Genoa 13, Napoli 16, Pisa 17, Avellino 17, Lazio 17.


Who played for Lazio

Substitutes: Ielpo, Piga, Meluso

Manager: Carosi


Who played for Milan

Piotti, Tassotti, Evani, Icardi, Galli, Baresi (46' Spinosi), Carotti, Battistini, Blissett, Verza, Incocciati

Substitutes: Nuciari, Russo, Tacconi, Manzo

Manager: Castagner


Referee: Barbaresco



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