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A game of two halves in all senses

Game 26, Serie A

Sunday, March 27, 1938

Stadio PNF, Rome

Lazio Napoli 0-0

A sunny and lively first half was followed by a rainy and dull second half resulting in a goalless draw.

So far Lazio were in 8th position with Torino, on 26 points. The Biancocelesti had won 9 (including Torino 6-0), drawn 8 (including Juventus 1-1 both home and away and the first derby) and lost 8 (including second derby 1-2). A week earlier they had been beaten 1-3 away by Inter (who were challenging Juventus for the Scudetto) which meant Lazio had lost the last two. Top scorer was Silvio Piola with 12 league goals.


Today's league game in Rome was very much a clash between two teams in mid-table limbo.


The match

A meteorologically changeable day welcomed the two sides to north Rome. The game started in the sun but in the second half continued under a downpour.


The game too had two different faces. It started off promising to be a hard fought, interesting game but ultimately disappointed.


The beginning was fast paced and Lazio attacked more. Emilio Capri had three favourable chances but for one reason or another could not take advantage of them. First, he was off target, then Arnaldo Sentimenti II saved and finally he was anticipated by the visitor's defence.


Napoli gradually grew into the game and had chances with Giuseppe Gerbi who wasted a Giovanni Venditto assist in front of the keeper and then Carlo Biagi had a weak shot saved by Giacomo Blason. Halftime Lazio 0 Napoli 0.


The second period's pattern was clear from the start. Lazio on the attack and Napoli defending their point. Lazio however pushed forward without clear ideas or proper organisation and were systematically blocked by the Neapolitans.


The visitors were unbeatable in the air and Lazio seemed incapable of fast moves with the ball on the ground. They were only really dangerous once, in the 61st minute when Umberto Busani went extremely close with a shot that had Sentimenti II beaten but shaved the post.


The constant attack versus defence was ultimately won by the latter and Napoli brought home a point with a solid defensive display and without suffering excessively. Final score Lazio 0 Napoli 0.


A game which, like the weather, started off pleasant and full of promise but ended a wet squib.


Lazio slipped down to 9th in the table, as Torino had beaten Fiorentina 2-1 away. Napoli were still 10th with Bari, as the "Galletti" had drawn 0-0 in Bergamo.


Who played for Lazio

Manager: Viola


Who played for Napoli

Sentimenti II, Fenoglio, Castello, Prato, Buscaglia, Riccardi, Mian, Biagi, Gerbi, Rocco, Venditto

Manager: Payer


Referee: Soliani




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