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Precious win

Season 1938-39

Game 24, Serie A

Sunday, April 2, 1939

Stadio Del Littorio, Genoa

Liguria Lazio 0-1

Lazio win in Genoa with a Vettraino goal

It was not going to be easy to avoid relegation this season but Lazio had not done too badly so far. After the end of the first half of the season they were fifth together with Genova and had won the “away” derby. The Biancocelesti had since slowed down a little but were currently seventh.

The match

Lazio had to face Liguria without their star player Silvio Piola injured and the hosts immediately tried to  take advantage of the situation. In the 8th minute Cherubino Comini tried a shot, saved by Giacomo Blason. Ten minutes later Umberto Busani on a free kick forced Vittorio Profumo to parry but the ball reached Luigi Milano who went for the tap in. Renato Bodini managed to save by heading the ball into corner. Three minutes later a Busani counterattack allowed Emilio Capri to find himself unmarked in front of the goalkeeper but he took too long to shoot so when he did Profumo was on him and the chance was wasted. Capri again missed an easy chance a few minutes later before Liguria could have gone ahead in the 35th minute. After a Luciano Peretti corner, Gino Callegari headed the ball under the crossbar but Blason managed to save into corner.

In the second half the hosts tried to press Lazio but they were never really that dangerous. In the 63rd minute Lazio scored. Milano passed to Busani who ran towards the Liguria area and passed to Luigi Vettraino who was marked by Gianemilio Piazza. The little centre forward lobbed over the defender and headed the ball towards the goal, it hit the post and went in. A remarkable goal.

Ten minutes later Liguria had an incredible double chance to equalise. Callegari took a shot at goal in a crowded penalty box, Blason saved but Comini and Peretti managed to steal the ball away from him. The latter, all alone in front of the goal, hit the woodwork twice. That was it for the hosts who from then on gave up. The Biancocelesti could have scored a second but in the 83rd minute a powerful Busani shot went wide and Giovanni Riccardi, after a Profumo fumble, in the 88th minute had an open goal opportunity but missed the target.

A great win for the Biancocelesti in a hard place to go.

Who played for Liguria


Profumo, Bodini II, Piazza, Callegari, Battistoni, Malatesta, Comini, Spivach, Bollano, Gabardo, Peretti

Manager: Baloncieri


Who played for Lazio


Manager: Allemandi


Referee: Zelocchi


Goal: 63’ Vettraino




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