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Lazio thump Padova to end season well

Game 32, Serie A

Sunday, June 11, 1933

Stadio PNF, Rome

Lazio Padova 4-0

Four first half goals, a referee mistake and an opponent's injury give the Biancocelesti one last satisfaction

Source Lazio Wiki

Lazio were currently in joint 8th position, on 30 points with Genova and Milan. The Biancocelesti had won 11, drawn 8 and lost 12. There had been some good wins: Ambrosiana-Inter 2-1 away, Roma 2-1, Alessandria 6-0, Juventus 1-0 and Milan 2-0 all at home. Lazio however were too inconsistent to fight for the higher positions. Top scorer so far was Joāo Fantoni I with 9 league goals.


The match

It was a hot, sticky day in Rome and there were just under 10,000 spectators present.


Lazio were missing midfielders Octavio Fantoni II, Odoacre Pardini and José Castelli but the visitors were worse off and had to do without keeper Ugo Amoretti, midfielders Emilio Bergamini, Gioacchino Bettini and forward Aldo Spivach.


Lazio were attacking with the wind at their backs, but initially it was the Patavini who took the game to the Romans.


For the first ten minutes the Padovani were on top and almost scored in the 7th minute. Mario Perazzolo, who was particularly active, had a shot that went close after a misunderstanding between keeper and defender Armando Bertagni.


From the 10th minute onwards Lazio stirred and Antonio Bisigato, in the space of a few minutes, had three powerful shots that however were all slightly off target.


In the 19th minute Gino Ambrosio saved well on a "Filo" Guarisi effort. The first goal came three minutes later. Guarisi crossed, Ambrosio punched away but only as far as Bisigato who, unable to head it, scored with his hand. The referee's view was obstructed by Joāo Fantoni and he gave the goal. A clear injustice for Padova but Lazio in front, 1-0.


The wind in their favour and the visitors' understandable demoralisation following their unfair treatment led Lazio to continue to have control. The Biancocelesti had several chances but were either denied by Ambrosio or lacked precision.


The second goal however came in the 33rd minute. The Padova keeper made another save but Umberto Favaro was unable to clear properly and Filó scored. Lazio 2 Padova 0.


The Euganei's heads dropped and a minute later Lazio made it three. It was Filó again who struck on an Alejandro Demaria cross. Lazio 3 Padova 0.


In the 40th minute things got even worse for the visitors. Fantoni I went in hard on Giordano Corsi in midfield and the Biancoscudato player was carried off injured, the Brazilian got away with just a booking.


In the 43rd minute Fantoni I completed his destruction of Padova's hopes by scoring from the long range. Lazio 4 Padova 0.


Lazio then almost made it five but Filó was anticipated by Perazzolo just before shooting from a favourable position. Half time Lazio 4 Padova 0.


A deserved lead for Lazio but Padova justifiably felt a bit hard done by.


In the second half Padova could attack with the help of the strong wind but instead it was Lazio who continued to push forward.


Lazio were constantly in the Veneti's half, bar the occasional but innocuous counterattack by the visitors.


In the 54th minute Fantoni I blasted a shot towards goal but it came back off the post.


In the 65th minute Enzio Enrique Serafini brilliantly jiggled past three defenders but his shot was not of the same quality.


With about 20 minutes to go the away side shuffled things around up front, swapping Gastone Boni's position with Mariano Tansini, who became the centre-forward. The latter was a little more threatening but was well marked by Armando Del Debbio.


Padova however were determined to save their honour and get a consolation goal. They went close a few times as the rain started to come down. In the 72nd minute Ezio Sclavi saved well on a powerful long distance shot by Giovanni Battistoni. The Lazio keeper was then kept busy on a series of corners.


Lazio by now were active mainly on the break as in the 76th minute when Ambrosio denied De Maria.


Towards the end the game got a bit ugly and Fantoni I in particular was lucky not to get his marching orders. There were several scuffles, more than usual in an end of season game with nothing to say.


Padova went close again in the 84th minute when Pedro Rizzetti completely sliced the ball and risked an own goal. Lazio too had more efforts with Bisigato and De Maria but there were no more goals. Final score: Lazio 4 Padova 0.


A good win late in the season for Lazio. They had been the better team albeit favoured by the episode of the opening goal. Padova had been unlucky and the heavy defeat did not tell the full story of their trip to the capital.


Standout players were Filó for Lazio and Perazzolo for Padova.


Who played for Lazio

Manager: Stürmer


Who played for Padova

Ambrosio, Foni, Favero, Callegari, Battistoni, Corsi, Busini I, Perazzolo, Geremia, Boni, Tansini

Manager: Vanicsek


Referee: Gianni

Goals: 23' Bisigato, 34' Guarisi (Filó), 35' Guarisi (Filó), 43' Fantoni I




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