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Eagles swoop down on Dolphins twice

1979-80 Season

Game 9, Serie A

Sunday, November 11, 1979

Stadio Olimpico, Rome

Lazio Pescara 2-0

A goal per half by Giordano and D'Amico give Lazio win over hapless Pescara

Source Lazio Wiki

An overcast November day only attracted about 25,000 spectators to the Olimpico.

For Lazio, Lionello Manfredonia was back in defence while for Pescara Giorgio Repetto was preferred to Di Michele.

The Pescaresi surprisingly took the game to Lazio and Nobili caused havoc in the first five minutes. The Lazio backline were forced to pull him down twice as he was weaving his way into the area. Of the two subsequent free kicks, one by Nobili went extremely close to the post.

The visitors' audacious game plan was thwarted in the 10th minute. Fernando Viola took a corner, from the left under Curva Sud, which was brilliantly pounced on by Bruno Giordano who headed past Gian Nicola Pinotti. Lazio 1 Pescara 0.

In the 13th minute the "Delfini" responded with a Giordano Cinquetti effort acrobatically saved by Massimo Cacciatori. This would be Pescara's only threat from open play.

The rest of the first half was a Lazio monologue. In the 18th minute Giordano put Renzo Garlaschelli through with only the keeper to beat but Garlasca fired high. Then Giordano had two shots go just wide and Nando Viola went close too.

Just before halftime the Dolphins resurfaced but Nobili was challenged before he could get a shot in from a good position. Halftime score Lazio 1 Pescara 0.

Lazio in control after a shaky start.

After the break Lazio came back on with Vincenzo D’Amico taking Garlaschelli’s place.

The second half saw the Pescaresi constantly going forward but despite good work in midfield they constantly messed up the last pass or were blocked at the edge of the area by Lazio’s defence. Giordano was always lively on the break but in the 81st minute it was the visitors who had the biggest chance. On a Nobili free kick, Negrisolo rose up and headed towards goal but it narrowly missed the target.

A minute later the Eagles closed out the game. Filippo Citterio went down the left wing and put an intelligent vertical pass through the defenders to Vincenzo Zucchini on the other side of the box, the Ferrarese squared it to D'Amico in the area who, despite being surrounded by defenders managed to jiggle and dance his way past them and beat Pinotti with a low left foot. A superb goal. Lazio 2 Pescara 0.

Pescara had nothing more to give and the game petered out with Lazio in complete control. Final score Lazio 2 Pescara 0.

A win dictated by Lazio’s superior quality of players especially up front and in defence. Pescara at a certain point hit a wall while Lazio had players with the class to produce magic out of nothing, Giordano and D'Amico.

Who played for Lazio

Substitutes: Avagliano, Todesco

Manager: Lovati

Who played for Pescara

Pinotti, Chinellato, Prestanti, Boni, E.Pellegrini, Negrisolo, Cerilli, Repetto (66' Di Michele), Silva, Nobili, Cinquetti

Substitutes: Piagnerelli, Lombardo

Manager: Giagnoni

Referee: Paparesta

Goals: 11' Giordano, 82' D'Amico



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