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Reggiana-Orsi ... zero-zero

Updated: Feb 7

Game 14, Serie B

Sunday, December 12, 1982

Stadio Mirabello, Reggio Emilia

Reggiana Lazio 0-0

The hosts dominated the game but despite a 90 minute assault could not find a way past an unbeatable Lazio keeper Fernando Orsi.

Ticket owned by Dag Jenkins, photo by Dag Jenkins

It was a grey, foggy day in Reggio Emilia. The small but compact Mirabello stadium seemed more intimidating than it should with its crowd of 10,000. Lazio were looking for an 8th consecutive win but it was never going to be easy on a heavy pitch, added to a vocal home crowd and a physical side, both definitely up for a battle.

The hosts predictably came out strongly pinning Lazio back right from the start. They dominated the midfield with Walter Mazzarri and Vito Graziani, with Piero Volpi constantly pushed forward from defence. In attack the agile Francesco Boito and sturdy Andrea Carnevale caused the Lazio back line all sorts of problems. For Lazio, defender Marco Saltarelli went off injured after 26 minutes (replaced by Paolo Pochesci), star striker Bruno Giordano was still debilitated by a recent bout of flu and easily controlled by Giovanni Francini while midfield dynamo Lionello Manfredonia was restrained by an early booking.

All this resulted in a game dominated by the local “Granata”. They had several chances in the first half; a 19th minute header by Giuseppe Pallavicini, a 25th minute shot by Boito, a 35th minute shot again by the lively Pallavicini and a 41st minute effort by Carnevale. The fact the score was still 0-0 had only one explanation, Fernando Orsi, playing the game of his life (and unbeaten in 7 games).

The second half saw a similar onslaught with more near goals by Carnevale (57th), a Graziani freekick (62nd), plus a penalty appeal after Boito was allegedly pushed in the air by Renato Miele while jumping for a header. The mother of all chances though came with only 3 minutes to go when, with Orsi finally beaten, a Volpi header went agonizingly wide for the “Reggiani”.

At this point Reggiana seemed to realize it maybe just wasn't their day and their energies faded allowing Lazio to take home a precious, hard fought point. Lazio's hero Orsi was rewarded with another 90-plus minutes to add to his unbeaten record. It was a relieved, ragged Lazio that left the field probably thinking if you can't win, the important thing is not to lose…

It was not a particularly enjoyable afternoon for the large following of Lazio fans present but they did witness their team show fighting spirit and emerge with a point. They didn't lose their sense of humour with some fans, at the peak of home pressure, shouting, "arrendiamoci, siamo circondati" (Let's surrender, we're surrounded)! The Reggiana fans had less to joke about and went home frustrated after chanting "ladri ladri" (thieves thieves) at the final whistle.

Who played for Reggiana

Lovari, Volpi, Caterina, Pallavici, Francini, Sola, Mossini (68' Bruni), Mazzarri, A.Carnevale, V.Graziani, Boito

Substitutes: Eberini, Imborgia, Zuccheri, A.Di Chiara

Manager: Fogli

Who played for Lazio

Substitutes: Moscatelli, Badiani, Tavola, Chiodi

Manager: Clagluna

Referee: Menicucci



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