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Flacco Flamini gives Lazio deserved derby glory

Season 1950-51

Game 6, Serie A

Sunday, October 15, 1950

Stadio Torino, Rome

Roma Lazio 0-1

A game largely dominated by Lazio is decided by the Argentine fifteen minutes from time

Source Lazio Wiki

So far this season Lazio had won 3, drawn 1 and lost 1. Their three wins however had come in the last three matches.

Taking into account the previous season and the early signs of the current one, Lazio were considered favourites but it was a Roman derby with a fierce rivalry and always open to surprises.

The match

A crowd of about 35,000 were present on a perfect day for football, sunny and mild.

Due to recent friction between the fans, before the game a flock of doves, with ribbons in the two teams' colours tied on their feet, were made to fly in the stadium. The pacifying gesture seemed to work and there was no trouble in the ground.

Lazio dominated from the start. The Biancocelesti had numerous dangerous attacks: Vittorio Sentimenti III and Norberto Höfling had shots well saved by Luciano Tessari who then came out well to block at Leoncino Unzain's feet. The Paraguayan also saw a shot shave the top hand woodwork. Halftime Roma 0 Lazio 0.

A convincing performance so far by Lazio but without the goal they deserved. The Biancocelesti had been vastly superior to their city "cousins" but had nothing to show for it yet.

The second half was in a similar mould, Lazio well on top. The Eagles had several more opportunities, the most dangerous being an Enrique Flamini shot set up by Höfling but the Roma keeper was on top form.

The goal finally came in the 74th minute. It was a brilliant move by "Flacco" Flamini (El Flaco Italianized). He received the ball from an Aldo Puccinelli throw in and darted past Gianfranco Dell'Innocenti and then from a seemingly impossible angle finally beat Tessari with a surgically precise shot. Roma 0 Lazio 1.

It was a thoroughly deserved lead and it was only at this point that the Wolves stirred. The Giallorossi had two late chances to equalise; first Lucidio Sentimenti IV showed feline qualities in saving a Sune Andersson strike and then in the dying minutes Renzo Merlin, unmarked in the area, managed to put the ball wide. Final score Roma 0 Lazio 1.

A great derby win for Lazio who had been superior technically and physically for 80 minutes. Roma were poor and did too little too late to feel hard done by.

Who played for Roma

Tessari, Tre Re, Cardarelli, Dell'Innocenti, K. Nordahl II, Venturi, Merlin, Maestrelli, Tontodonati, Andersson, Sundqvist

Manager: Baloncieri

Who played for Lazio

Manager: Sperone

Referee: Galeati

Goals: 74' Flamini



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