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Transfers 1982-83

Updated: Feb 7

Obviously the main news of 1982-83 was the return of Bruno Giordano and Lionello Manfredonia. After Italy won the World Cup, the Italian Federation decided to cut two years off the suspension of all the players involved in the Totonero of 1980. As a consequence the Biancocelesti now had two world class players to add to Vincenzo D’Amico to go for promotion.

There was however a big changing of the guards with lots of players coming and many leaving.


Fernando Orsi, former Roma Primavera player, comes to be second goalkeeper, He has been playing for Parma in Serie C1 for the past two years and is a Biancoceleste fan.

Renato Miele, former Lazio Primavera defender, returns home. He has played the last three years in Serie B with Pisa, Spal and Catania.

Carlo Perrone, another former Lazio Primavera sweeper, returns to the right side of the Tiber after a disappointing year with Roma.

Gabriele Podavini is an interesting right back. He has played for Brescia for the past six years, one of which in Serie A, he will give quality and experience to the team.

Marco Saltarelli played with Lodigiani last year in the fifth tier. He comes as an alternative at left-back.

Roberto Tavola, midfielder, comes on loan from Juventus. He has a lot of experience, having played for Cagliari and Atalanta. Never found a decent amount of playing time with the Bianconeri, it is hoped that he will bring some extra quality to Lazio’s midfield.

Enrico Vella, midfield player, is an important signing for Lazio since he is a player who already knows what Serie B is all about. He played at Catania in the second tier last year.

Claudio Ambu, former Inter and Ascoli player, comes to give Giordano a hand up front. Last year he played with Perugia in Serie B.

Stefano Chiodi, former Milan star where he won a scudetto, comes back to Lazio after missing a decisive penalty two years ago, which denied the Biancocelesti promotion to Serie A. He was loaned to Bologna last year. Let’s hope he has recovered his form, particularly from a psychological point of view.

Goodbye or almost

Many players left Lazio, mainly the ones that have so far failed to get the Biancocelesti promoted to Serie A.

Felice Pulici, historic Lazio goalkeeper of the 1974 scudetto, had come back to play his last year as a professional. He retires after 202 appearances for Lazio.

Dario Marigo had become a regular first team player in the 1980-81 season when goalkeeper Maurizio Moscatelli broke his Achilles tendon and after his replacement Aldo Nardin was put onto the bench due to poor performances. Marigo had started the 1981-82 season as main goalkeeper but when Pulici returned he lost his place in the team. Now that Moscatelli is back, Marigo is sent on loan to Perugia so that he can have a decent amount of playing time. He has 36 appearances with Lazio so far.

Giorgio Mastropasqua, the experienced defender, leaves after two years and 78 appearances (five goals). He will play for Catania.

Vincenzo Mirra, former Primavera defender, last year played eight league games with one goal. He is sold to Empoli.

Dario Pighin, defender, has been at Lazio since 1976 and has appeared in 100 games. The returns of Manfredonia and Miele mean that it is time for him to go. He is sold to Taranto in Serie C1.

Alberto Bigon, another experienced player, is towards the end of his long and successful career. He leaves Lazio for Vicenza after two years, 65 appearances and 13 goals.

Dario Sanguin: signed just before Lazio were relegated for the Totonero Scandal of 1980, he was considered to be a young and promising midfield player. He did not really fulfil those promises and now he is sold to Perugia after 65 appearances and two goals with Lazio .

Fernando Viola arrived at Lazio very young in the 1976-77 season. After one season he was sent on loan to Bologna for a year but has then stayed at Lazio ever since. The classy midfielder was the player who had given Lazio's game some quality in the last two years of Serie B. He is surprisingly sold to Genoa after 141 appearances and 12 goals for Lazio.

Renzo Garlaschelli, another Lazio 1974 scudetto hero, played very little last year and his time at Lazio is over. After 279 appearances and 67 goals, he has decided to move closer to home and will play for Pavia in Serie C2.

Walter Speggiorin’s season with Lazio last year was just plain awful. Despite scoring probably one of the club’s most spectacular goals in their history, he just was not good enough. The experienced centre-forward is past his prime and will join Massese in Serie C2. Last year he played 24 games with two goals.

Autumn Transfers

Three players left in the autumn transfer window.

Vincenzo Chiarenza, defender, was one of the best players last season but has been loaned to Udiense. He has so far played

Stefano Ferretti, midfielder, had been with Lazio since he was a kid. He signed for Spal in Serie C1 after 40 appearances and 7 goals for the Biancocelesti.

Claudio Vagheggi, forward, despite being one of the few to have played decently last season, left Lazio for Napoli. He made 46 appearances with nine goals for Lazio.


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