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A good point

Updated: May 8

Game 14, Serie A

December 28, 1947

Stadio Comunale, Bologna

Bologna Lazio 0-0

Lazio defend well and bring a point back to Rome

The game began with a rather big problem. Due to a local strike, the referee did not have any linesmen. The referee asked the two teams to allow two substitutes to fulfil the job, but Francesco Antonazzi chosen for Lazio declared that he could not do it so Mario Scotto chose two Bologna players.


This was a rather boring match which Lazio dominated in the first half even if they never created any chances, while in the second the Biancocelesti concentrated more on bringing home a point. The only possibilities Bologna had in the game were on free kicks but the specialist Bela Sarosi was always off target. The most important chance for Bologna was in the 26th minute. A fantastic team move allowed Amedeo Biavati to shoot, Uber Gradella managed to parry, Giuseppe Baiocchi had a massive opportunity with the tap in, but he kicked the ball out. In the second half Bologna managed to shoot at goal a couple of times with Istavan Mike and Gino Cappello but Gradella was safe. In the 75th minute Alessandro Ferri was sent off but Lazio did not suffer too much. The match ended in a logical goalless draw. 


Who played for Bologna


Vanz, Giovannini, Spadoni, Cingolani, B. Sárosi, Marchese, Biavati, Cappello, Mike, Gritti, Baiocchi

Manager: Gyula Lelovics


Who played for Lazio


Manager: Cargnelli


Referee: Scotto




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